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 Am i crazy?
there is one side of me calm,nice.average kinda guy then on the other side of me its terrible i do bad things and i hurt people please help me

Mr.brooks ( thats my name i know its weird ...

 Do people really have a fear of clowns?

Additional Details
I like seeing clowns smoking, it's so surreal....

 Feeling Very Stressed....help?
Im so stressed out, I feel like I'm trying to be something for everyone, but failing, I also have exams coming up but I cant concentrate on studying because Ive just so much on my plate, I dont ...

 What do you think about people who can't stop smoking?

I've heard people can have an 'addiction' to porn - is this true?...

 I just completed the iq test and got 127, is that good? whats your score?

 Have you ever spoken to god?
is there anyone who has had a conversation or seen god?...

 Dose life get easier the older you get?

 I think my boyfriend may have Obsessive compulsive disprder?
To paint you a picture, I am 21 (Female) and live with my boyfriend in an apartment in London. He owns and operates several companies with his fathe and we live very nicely. We have a huge family and ...

 This is not exactly the best forum for this, but I'm depressed?
And I really need something to pick me up. I'm kinda circling the drain here.
I'm just kinda worried because when I get like this I tend to spiral downwards uncontrollably, and that ...

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