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 I m 19 year old guy n i do mastrubate atleast once a day so is there any side effect of it??? if yes plz tell

 If you get circumsized, will the foreskin grow back?

 My wife cheated on me with the milkman, should I beat him up with a stick?

 I have a 7in willy is that a decent size?

Additional Details
im 17 years ...

 Is it normal to jerk0ff 20 times a day?

 I'm 15 years old!!!?
my penis is uncircumcised and I want to know if that is a problem while I'll do sex????...

 Is it okay if I masturbate every single day?
I mean, is it healthy? I think I got addicted to it. I started since I was 15 and I'm 19 now and I can't stop doing that. I want to stop masturbating that often but I don't think it...

 Penis size?
I'm 16 and I have just about a 6 inch penis. Is this average or big for most men or boys my age?...

 How big is a average penis?
i was watching youtube and a popup came with men with huge penis's and i wanted to know how big is the average ??...

 Guys, butt or breasts?
Which would you prefer? If you had to choose one of the two.
Additional Details
No brainer? I know plenty of guys that aren't ...

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