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 Is there any side effects from eating out your girlfriend?
I mean licking her *****...

 My penis is 3" is that to small?

 How do i hide a erection? Suggestions?
When im at school and im in class everyday, i get erect in class for no reason at all. Is there any way to hide an erection or to make it become limp again without pain?...

 Why should you wash your hands after masturbating?

 Im 17 and its my penis???
When i get an erection my foreskin doesnt role back is it sopsed to if so how do i make it, do i force it back...Please H...

 I really want to stop smoking weed, what is the best way to stop smoking and keep my mind off it?

 I lost my virginity 10 times in one night. How do I get my virginity back?

Additional Details
LOL Thanks for your answers. Had a good time. Please feel free to answer my other questions =D...

 Is masturbation a sin?

 Is it ok to masturbate at school?
Ive been thinking about it for a while and i thought id ask here.
is it ok to masturbate at school?
Additional Details
i dont ...

 Good Or Bad????
If you had a choice, Would you rather contract good AIDS or bad AIDS???
Additional Details
well good aids would things like hearing AID...

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