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 I have a health a problem n i need some medical advice, its painful for me to urinate.?
sometimes a tiny milky drops like puss, and it feel like burning,what will be the possible drugs should i take?.....

 Can you get STD's from this?
Can you get an STD by giving head to someone that you know doesn't have any STD's and you don't have any ether? And if you don't swallow can you still get them just from oral?...

 For me to think that STDs/catching an std is cool , is there something wrong?

 How do I prevent myself from catching oral herpes?
I read that 90% of people over 40 have it. I tested negative for oral herpes so I don't have immunity towards it. My roommate got cold sores, and I'm afraid of catching it because it would ...

 How did the AIDS virus originate?

Additional Details
Actually the first case was with five gay men in Los Angeles not New Y...

 If my girlfriend tests negative for STDs, does that mean i'm clean also?

 SYPHILIS any reliable CURE, remedy, relief ?

 If you have an STD would it show up on a blood test?

 Why do peoples get infected with HIV?
I would like if the answers have much contact with Ethiopia....

 Why are more people living with HIV|AIDS in Africa than any else in the wlord?

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