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sore, dry lips? How can I get rid of it?

Try a moisturizer like chapstick, vaseline or something like that. Avoid cold weather and wind on your face. Sometimes, people get chapped lips because of a vitamin B deficiency. I would suggest taking a look at your diet and make sure that you get a little bit of food from all groups and try to increase the vit B intake by eating foods like fish, chicken, bananas, turkey etc. I would look up more specific foods that have more vit B in them and not just rely on trying a pill, the real deal is always better.

Gemz L
Vaseline Lip Balm. Any lip balm for that matter ... as long as it keeps your lips moist.

Someone asked this the other day and this was my response then:

I get the same problem every winter too. Its horrible. I have tried lots of things and found a lipbalm called Carmex which I found was great for a few years but I'm currently just using (lots and lots of) vaseline. Blistex is also very good - usually used for coldsores but it really does the trick on serverly cracked lips (like after having a cold or something)

Try to use a soft tissue / colth and (gently) rub the lose bits of skin off before applying your lip balm. Don't do it too often / too hard as it will make it worse (I've also heard using a soft bristled tooth brush works for this as well).

If that doesn't work, try wearing a scarf and wrapping it so it covers your lips when the wind is really cold.

Little Miss Sunshine
olive oil or vitamin E.

burts bees chapstick is all natural or durexx it great too

Miss Rhonda
neosporin on the lips at night before you go to be.... when you wake up, they are smooth, soft, and healed!! PROMISE!!!

i have the same prob (i bite my lips)


burts bees lip salve

carmex works better than chapstick. comes in a small pot, you can find it anywhere

Bee honey works well tastes good

Carmex has always worked best for me, and i live in northern MI.

drink more water, dehydration causes it sometimes

carmex lip treatment

Buy a chapstick or vasaline, they work well.

linda g
I have found the best thing is pawpaw cream. It lasts longer than chap sticks, & has curative properties. Can vouch for it from personal use, as I used to work in a nursing home, where you were on the go from start to whoa, & often dehydrated. This would see me through the whole shift, without that dry lip feeling.

well u can get some chap stick it helps

Get vasaline with aloe vera in it - very good for your lips.

Carmex, and sleep with Vaseline on them

use a lip balm and try applying li'l coriander juice before u go to bed! guess it would do..

Anything from Vaseline, to carmex to plain old chap-stick.
I believe that Vaseline is the best answer.
Not only does Vaseline keep moisture locked beneath your lips/skin, it doesn't contain any perfumes, dyes etc that will irritate your skin/lips an more than they already are.
If you'd prefer to use some sort of lip balm though, Burt's Bee's is a good brand, along with Soft-Lips and Lip Vitamins (by AE Laboratories). All of this can be found at your local WalMart or drug store.


rub them gently with a towel to remove any flaky skin then use vaseline

slayer maniac

Don't breed or buy
like what others have said... Chapstick or vaseline..

I like blistex, it works great or the cream in the tubes... may sound weird(for guys...), but even a clear lip gloss helps Great. I was getting chapped so bad that chapstick wouldn't work, so I applied lip gloss and my lips were so soft..

But I'd say blistex medicated....


Hedge Witch

I tried ALL the others - they protect your lips but this is the only thing that actually stops the pain, protects them AND makes them soft!
It soaks in so it isn't left as a greasy top layer like all the others!

ted j


This stuff is heaven. And the soft formula will be a lot more soothing to your lips than a waxy chapstick.

vaseline lip guard

chapstick or vasseline

Carmex cream from your pharmacy,its really good.

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