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What can I do for chapped lips?
they're the worse chapped lips i've ever had, they've been this way for 3 days. I tryed using hand lotion, and that worked super for the first night, but ever sence then it hasn';t helped any. someone told me it was the change in climate from travelling down to near phoenix, but even now that I'm back in the mountains, they are still as chapped as ever and its starting to cause me lots of pain and discomfort. What is causing this and what can I do about it?

get some chap stick or if u dont hav any u just get ur lips wet with somthing else than ur saliva

i lived in the mountains for a while and had this problem. vasaline/petroleum jelly were the only things that really cut the chap.


Kitten Toes
My fiance uses coconut oil - the type you find in the cooking oil section of the grocery store. It has no smell or flavor and within a day or 2 his lips look and feel 100 times better.

Brenda H
you can try cooking grease not oil the grease sounds nasty but it works !!!! good luck

Vasoline works great for super dry lips. It stays on the lips longer and sinks in faster also olive oil or regular honey is wonderful and works real fast. :)

Surfer girl

you know in some countries people use their ear wax as chapstick.

umm...just use chastick and regulary mayb 2 to 3 times a day. Use it a lot easpecially when it is cold


chapstick s the best stuff in the world!! and, if you are a girl, lip gloss works too- the moisterizing kind. but if you are a guy, no lip gloss, please.

Barrelracing Beauty
Well I would try some intense care chapstick for during the day,make sure it has a high SPF(sun protection factor) and for the night vasaline gell. Make sure to drink A TON of water and DON"T lick your lips AT ALL!

Amanda H
use neosporin ( triple antibiotic ointment )
and drink a ton of water

load them up with vaseline

get a chapstick, like vaseline, and apply it as often as necessary, or whenever it gets dry

joseph a
Do not use Vaseline, this will only make it worse, it would be like throwing oil on a fire. I had chap lips so bad one time that every time I moved my lips they would bleed, it was very painful. Chapstick will work fine, just get a flavor you don't like, so you will avoid licking your lips, I recommend regular.

paulj0557-vacuum cleaner expert
Hey, I'd try just about anything at this point, but Vaseline might work. I would avoid stuff like talc and makeup for a while if you are a woman...I forgot to notice who asked this -a Man or a woman.
For some reason I;m thinking about Gold bond medicated powder ?? I don't know, but I think GB is non toxic and it tends to absorb dampness--sounds backwards to what you are trying to achieve here right? Well, I'm no doctor, but you might try dusting your face with GB and then putting some Vaseline on your face. The GB will pull the Vaseline into the tiny pores and then release it, adding healing medication and a temporary shield at the same time. At night I'd wash my face with Noxzema skin cream ( you know, the blue container with the big lid). This will keep the moisture in your skin, where soap would tend to add fragrances and other bad stuff. IF you do use soap use Zest because it rinses off completely. When I was in 8th grade I had bad acne. I used everything there was to get rid of it. Ultimately it was a combination of swimming in Lake Michigan everyday and using Zest that made it go completely away! Was it the Zest??? I always wondered. I don't think Lake Michigan is salt water though.
As far as salt goes, avoid it, but if you were stranded in the mountains for instance, if you had salt, you could mix it in your water and it would help get rid of any bacteria on your skin.
I'm sure if you can get all of these store brand things I mentioned, except maybe the Zest, you might be fine. I once had a friend who every winter he'd have a complete circle of a chapped face , even up over his nose. We never could figure out how he could reach his tongue up that far. He looked like Homer Simpson!

go get some Berts Bees wax,try to stay away from carmex you will become dependant on it

use a medicated lip balm like blistex, it will heal the damage done while protecting from further damage

Katherine G

I suggest Chapstick. I suggest medicated Blistex, or Burts Bees Wax. It is phenomenal!

Kay Kay H

dont lick them, keep them moist with chapstick or you can buy special creams and things at the local pharmacy that will clear it up really quick, if it gets worse, see a doctor and get a prescription for some stronger cream.

use burts bees chapstick

lips get chapped because they are dried out, drink ALOT of water and it will help cure it for good and use chapstick or Carmex also for temporary immediate relief. keep drinking lots of water is the best bet though.

I suggest Carmex. Its really good but a little on the expensive side. If you can't find any then buy a big tub of vaseline and just keep applying it to your lips and they should soon clear up.

In the mean time, try not to touch or lick your ips, this will only make them worse!

They could be sun burned! Ouch! Try your best not to lick them it will only make them worse. At night use vaseline and really slob it on! During the day try berts bees wax chapstick it works really, really well, it keeps lips moist. Good Luck!

i use burt's bees chapstick. It works great!

Edward Cullens
carmex and dont lick your lips

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
Any chapstick.
They all work the same.
Just keep applying it. After you eat, before you sleep, after you brush your teeth, etc...

The climate change might possibly be why, like they said.

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