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 How can I get rid of this wart on my finger?
I have had it for over a year now. I've had about five liquid nitrogen treatments and each time it is only got bigger.

I have also used wart paint (salactol) from a pharmacy.

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capping it?
thats all i know....

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 I've got psoriasis on my finger nails, can I get rid of it?

Does toothpaste on zits really help?
I have read many things on YA! saying that you can put toothpaste on the affected area overnight and the next day it is gone. Is this true? Thanks in advance!

No, but Windex does.


Miss Cici Baby
yes.. it has to be the white paste though. but sometimes they don't go away overnight but they will get smaller and reduce in redness.

This works for some, and doesn't for others. I've heard if you have sensitive skin, it isn't as effective compared to people who don't have sensitive skin.

Pete M
Hell yes, I do it every time.
It drys them out and they die like the disgusting pigs that they are.
p.s Be careful with sensitive skin!!!

paniz n
DO NOT USE IT if you have sensitive skin... btw i don't think it works, it never worked for me. Try using the Tea Tree Oil products at Bodyshop they're amazing! also St.Ives Apricot Scrub is great for blemished skin.They sell it everywhere in supermarkets :)

every ones skin is different so just try it! toothpaste has some chemicals in it though for your teeth. But have you ever gotten a zit around your mouth? :)

No it doesn't it is just an old remedy. My friend has tried a lot of times. It hasnt worked. It actually makes the zit bigger.

Hope i helped!!

It helps me but it makes my skin really dry so I don't use it. And think about it, if toothpaste worked so great on zits then wouldn't dermatologists already take notice and create products based on toothpaste for your skin?
Try it, if it works for you, then do it, but if it makes your skin irritated or dry, stop using it.

Yes. It dries up the 'head' on your spot, leaving just the red mark. And that should clear up in a few days. I do this and it always works.
Hope this helps!!

Toothpaste doesn't help get the rid of zits. It just dries up the area of application and irritates the skin even more.The only good thing about it is that it has a soothing sensation on the skin. But other than that toothpaste should not be used on your skin for zits.Using facial pads are way more effective than that.

tried that. just make your skin extremely dry. some cases it got rid of it but it doesnt get rid of the main source. so u will have it again on the same area

Kay M
It wont be fully gone most likely, but when Ive done it and left it overnight it did make it smaller by morning. Make sure to use a pastey toothpaste rather than a gel one. (so it can essentially dry the pimple out)

my grandma used to put toothpaste on mine when i was younger.. i dont remember if it worked or not... but i'm sure it would help since it dries out the skin

Yes, actually, it does. But I would suggest putting something else (like a moisturizer) on your skin after a couple days of toothpaste. Because it dries out your skin, that is how it kills the pimples.

And another thing that helps is the sun, tanning is also another way to naturally dry out your zits. Hope thats helps. :)

Btw, windex will actually cause a bad reation to your skin because of the chemicals in the product.

It helps sell toothpaste. Nothing lost though if you give it a try.


it just dries up your skin basically
which may get rid of zits

I'm sorry but...
I've never heard of that and to be honest it sounds really stupid.

No O
it didnt work for me

no DONT USE IT lol. it dried up my skin and made my pimple even worse

Some ppl it works for. I am about to try it. Good Luck :)

Missy <3
it dries it out

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