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Mr. Anorak
Is it possible to catch herpes off a toilet seat?

LOLZ You Could be able to. Although, I haven't heard of it.
Only On Family Guy.

My friends were talking about that and i said i sat on it and they freaked out so i think you can.

not very easily, but even still, HOVER AND COVER! or be like me "OCD McGee" and carry around a ziploc with emergency disinfectant wipes.

No, the only thing you can catch off a toilet seat is crabs.

i dont think so

Anthony C
no just think how do u get herpes if a toilet could do that then mabye

nope. you cannot catch anything too dangerous, but i would still do the "squat" method just to be safe!

California Kush
I dont think so, but its definately not good to sit on any public toilet because there is all kind of bacteira and germs on it.

Ĝąßұ Μ ♥
No you can not catch it from that..It is a virus that doesnt live long enough outside the body to spread it....


it isn't possible herpes is a virus and it dies if it isn't on the human body

[email protected]
no its not who ever told u that lied

Miss moon
No you can't get herpes from a toilet seat, an NO you CANNOT get crabs from the toilet seat either.

And the people who believe this stuff are reproducing.....sad thought


No, hon, that is a myth. Toilet seats are usually surprisingly clean.

I know this is a lame link because it is Oprah's website but Dr. Oz is a frequent guest of hers and this page has a quote from him about it:

No. It is not possible to contract any type of virus or disease, or become pregnant due to a toilet seat.

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