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HIV from kissing?
Three weeks ago I kissed a guy at the bar and I remember I may have had a canker sore 5 days before that. I also have mildly inflamed gums. Now I am experiencing some joint pain but this might be the cold weather or my shoes. I know this is a symptom of HIV but I don't have the others (fever, rash, fatigue).

Should I be worried?? I didn't taste any blood..

Melissa S
Probably not, you may want to ask your doctor though.

kelly J
Call Planned Parenthood. I don't think HIV symptoms come up that fast. But I could be wrong. You are probably just paranoid. Planned parenthood will be able to tell you what to do and if you should be tested.

DA BRAIN MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy K
No HIV you get through having intimacy with that person or if you had a cut then proly yeah you do I suggest you go get tested right away just in case or just to be sure!

first of all you must have been smashed to kiss a complete stranger at a bar out of all places .and you have to consume so much body fluids in order to contract it like that if it worries you that much keep your tonugue to yourself you may not get as lucky next time and not only is hiv the only std out there don't forget about all those kissing diseases.please be safe.

Trisha heart
take a test just in case. I really dont think you have anything to worry about.

you can get HIV if there is an open cut in your mouth. YOu probably shouldnt wore though

You probably don,t have HIV you probably have MENANGITIS. Trust me my cousin had it from sharing soft drink. And my friends sister had it from kissing. Those are some of the symptoms you can get when you have MENANGITIS, but just to let you know 20% of people die from that a year. So if I was you I would go to the doctor to get it checked out and get the shot to prevent it. and plus you might start getting a little weak.

beach kid
no dont be worried i dont think you can get HIV from a kiss but you should see a doctor maybe you have the flu

Baby gurl
you can't get HIV from kissing but i think you should see a doctor about this,you never know.and fast before it's too late!IF there IS a problem in the first place.good luck

Rev Kev
My first response is not to be worried, because it would take him having an open sore as well as you to contract it. But if you are worried they can test for it with a Western Ink Blot test on your serum at the hospital. Actually it is a reference lab test but you could get it back in about 3 weeks. I think you are ok though, those are symptoms of a lot of things as well.

Hah why would you jump to the conclusion of HIV??

mike f
Can't get HIV from kissing unless you ingest about a gallon of the person's saliva and even then very doubtful. See a doctor anyways better safe than sorry.

A Benway
you dont have HIV, thats not how it spreads

Nah don't be worried. Get a test if you are. But you shouldn't be worried.

haha unless he was bleeding all over your.....cut up gums i really think you have nothing to worry about.


All the HIV awareness classes I have been forced to take and teach, you cannot get HIV from saliva.

Well, first of all, do you know if the guy had HIV in the first place? Secondly, the moment you think you might have contracted the virus you should get tested. Thirdly, HIV cannot be contracted through kissing unless BOTH persons have open wounds, severely bleeding gums, or something like that. Here's what I found:

You cannot get AIDS from. . .

There is no scientific evidence indicating that any person has ever become infected through kissing an HIV positive person.

To become infected with HIV you must get a sufficient quantity of the virus into the bloodstream. Saliva does contain HIV, but the virus is only present in very small quantities and as such cannot cause HIV infection.

Unless both partners have large open sores in their mouths, or severely bleeding gums, there is no transmission risk from mouth-to-mouth kissing.

Get tested sheesh!

Liccle Miley x
well you obviously are a little bit worried otherwise you wouldnt ahve asked, i advise you to go to your doctor and have a blood test. its simple easy and will stop your worrying.

It might not be HIV, it could be any STD in the mouth.
One, go to a doctor, or a dentist.
Two, check up with that guy you were swapping spit with.
and Three, do you even brush good or at all?

Jay T. Marlin
HIV is one of many diseases. It's unlikely you got HIV, but you could've gotten Hepatitis or any of the uber contagious hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola. Maybe you should stop making out with strangers?

what are you doing being so drunk that you are kissing strangers is my question???

please dont go kissing random people anymore. HIV is transferred through blood and "doing it" not kissng.
im pretty sure of that

Big Prich
its very hard to contrac tthat way. also I doubt you would be experiencing HIV symptoms just 3 weeks after you kissed

it usually takes YEARS to become obvious

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