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<3 Fishy <3
14 hour car ride with to smokers!!?!?!?
i have major athsma and allergic to smoke

i share your pain. the smell of smoke makes me gag. i cant stand it. just don't go with them if that is a possibility. if its not just tell them about it and ask them not to. thats all i can think of...

Gary G
Tell them you are allergic and they will stop.

Yeah, and no decent human would insist on the convenience of their habit if you mentioned your conditions and asked them not to while you were more or less trapped in the vehicle. Most smokers I know will gladly not smoke around people they know it makes uncomfortable.

if you absolutely have to go and they wont stop sit next to the window and have it down. if they complain, give it right back. you have the right to breath clean air.
keep your inhaler in your hand and make sure that they see the asthma and what you have to do to keep breathing.
if I got mad enough I'd squirt it in there face or keep a pump water bottle and put the damn thing out!

don't do it, you'll have cancer before you get there,(lol) just kidding but don't go with them second hand smoke is almost worse than smoking and plus with your asthma you don't need it triggered off like that.

Ricky B
tell them to wait for a pit stop or something if not it's just rude on there parts

tell them not to smoke and roll down all the windows if they decide they want to smoke pull over somewhere and let them smoke for like 15-30mins ok

make them pull over a t rest stops to smoke.

Zana-Di Girl
I suggest driving yourself unless they are willing to break at roadsides to smoke outside the car. There is no solution for this other then rest stops or an oxygen tank.

Hopefully you are driving and can set the rules for them.

Good luck!


Explain your problem to them and have them pull over and get out to smoke. I dont even have a medical condition, I just don't like riding w/ smokers. I make my mom wait and get out of the car to smoke when she rides anywhere with me. If they wont do that, at least have them roll there windows down....it helps. Good luck.

Evie S
nearly all my family smokes... it's so annoying, huh!? I have asthma as well and i know it hurts to breathe and i learned tthat if u glare at them hard enough and make them feel guilty, they tend to cut down a bit... sorry, might not have helped! Hope i have though!

Here are a few options A) Ask them only to smoke when they are at rest stops, because of your athsma and allergy B) Go with someone else C) go on a plane. your not allowed to smoke. Hope this helps =]


Amanda W
thats inconsiderate. im a smoker but if i had someone along for the ride that couldnt tolerate it, i would make stops to smoke if i had to. if they dont consider that, then dont go

Why do you have to go on this car ride? Are there any other options?
If you have to be in the car, explain to these people about your asthma (could be deadly) and your allergy (I am allergic to smoke too, I know what you mean!!!) and hopefully they'll be adult enough to at least not smoke in the car.
However, smoke lingering on their clothing will be enough to trigger an asthma attack and irritate your allergies.
Perhaps they can also take off their coats/sweaters while they smoke and put them back on when they're done.
Good luck.

Smart Nurse
Personally, I would not go.
It is hard to convince anyone who does not have a breathing problem how difficult it is to breathe when you do have asthma or allergies.

Make the connection.

If you use any of the below mentioned items it is common to have sinus, asthma and allergy problems amongst other health issues. Get rid of them and your lungs will thank you and you will breathe easier.

No Bounce or any other dryer sheets
No Febreeze
No Glade Plug-ins
No scented candles
No Perfumes
No Fragranced Products on Body, Hair or Clothing
No Smoke
No Dander
No Sprays

depends on if its their car you better not go.

Find another ride or open up a window

If the car belongs to one of them, you must either accept it or find another means of transport. They probably wouldn't dictate to you in your car.

Atom 74
That's just rude, I am a smoker and am very careful where i smoke. I won't even smoke inside anywhere, not that you can anymore, but I won't smoke in front of kids. I would never smoke in a car if somebody was allergic. Rest stops yes, but not the whole time.

Miz D
You won't be able to take it for 14 hours. Please find another was to get where you want to go.

This needs to be discussed BEFORE you go.
Otherwise......Dont go, would be your best solution.

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