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 I'm 16 yrs old, and today at work i was cleaning a table (waitress) when a sharp, sudden pain occured above my
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when i was young, my dad did somethings that weren't right...?
he raped me when I was 7... do i tell someone now even though I'm 16? or do i not say anything about it?

Whatever you do, don't get counseling or even talk about the event ever again. The best cure for a major problem is denial!

you were asking for it

Bright Side Boyz
what he do masteribait ?

This raises several questions: how do you know that it was rape given that you were only seven? where was your mom and why are you desiring to report this now, almost ten years after the incident?

I think you should tell someone. That's terrible. I'm so sorry that happened to you. You need to get some counseling. Go to an adult you can trust and tell them what happened, and ask them to help you find the help you need.

I dont know it is up to you you can tell if your dad is bad still or you can just forget about it but it is relly up to you what do you want to do? i'm sorry that happened to you.:(
does he do it any more?

Sylvia B
you have to tell someone

its not your fault and its not your responsibility to carry this throughout your life.

Absolutely. Tell your mother or other family member you trust.

Edgar Allen POET
yes tell soomeone and get that pervert arrested!!

I feel for you buddy. First you need to seek professional help if you haven't already. Then you need to take their advise....which will probably be go to an adult you trust....tell them....then go to the police.

Good luck....it's not an easy road a head.

This is a tough one for you.
If you live in the US and tell a professional most likely Social Services will be called and the police may want a report.
Now saying that, if your brain is starting to tell you to talk about it, it means you need to talk about it. You can refuse to identify your father and no one can report it.
Be warned that most things kids talk about, even in confidential meetings with counselors, are available to their parents. Unless there is a very compelling reason to hide the info (it endangers you). I do not think a school counselor will call your mom unless you are a threat to self or others. But if your mom goes out her way to ask they may have to mention something.
As a counselor, and I am and have been in that situation, I would be very general, espically if she is not on your side. If you get a good counselor they can manipluate the system to protect you.
You can call the local crisis line (or call 911 and ask to be transferred). You do not have to be suicidal. I answered the lines for years.
Honestly If I were you I would go to your school counselor and tell the story and ask for help. They will do everything to help you and keep it private, just ask ahead what is reportable.
The sooner you talk the better. Its nothing to be ashamed of and you did NOTHING wrong. Keep repeating this to yourself. You do not have the sickness, your dad does. Their is hope and help.

I'm sorry my friend that this has happened to, I have been there myself and I'm still living the guilt and shame from me being molested at 5 to 8 years old. And I'm 36, and held it in for so long because of the shame and guilt. Honey you have to talk to someone to heal inside. So you can let it go. If your afraid to tell CPS or someone with authority call a teen hotline or a Domestic Violence hotline and express your feelings. They will give you resources and numbers to call for help with the pain you are holding in. He dosen't hurt you that way now does he? If so get help now!!!! Just remember you did nothing wrong to deserve this action. It is his issues, And you can free yourself from this by opening up. His threats can't hurt you once you start working on your pain in your heart. The system has non profit organizations out there to get you help. Please be careful, and hold your head high because you are a good person and did nothing wrong to deserve that ok. You are just a young person who should not have to endure that! God Bless You Honey. Have you ever heard the serenity prayer, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. meaning you can't change the past, or your dad but you can change how you feel about what happened and if it is still happening. By getting help and making the difference in your life with you! I have a number that might help you for violence and you have been violated so when you are ready here is a number for you 1-800-799-safe that is 1-800-799-7233. Good luck honey and Break the Silence and make the call. nobody can help if you can't ask for it so you are in my prayers and god bless you.God, Take our will and our lives, guide us in our recovery and show us how to live. help this young person lord and give the strength needed to stop the pain inside this individual. Amen

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