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Should I go to a doctor?
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would this hurt u

thers this girl names kelly who when we go to the store she examines every shelf taking her time to find the perfect item

so im shopping i kinda just ...

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 pain relief for mouth ulcers?
Any home tricks to ease the pain of a mouth ulcer? Ive had one for few days now on side of my tounge and its soo annoying and painful and bonjela doesnt seem to be doing the trick :(...

 Sharp Stabbing Pain in back of my head and now my face??
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 I rarely throw up but in the last few hours I have thrown up 5 times. Is there anything I should do?
I'm not sure how this happened but I believe it is food related. I am experiencing all sorts of abdominal pain such as cramping and heart burn. Should I take pepto bismal, or is there anything ...

 Which hurts worse SHIN PAIN or BACK PAIN?

what is normal blood pressue?

Your blood pressure consist of Systolic, which is the blood pressure resulting from the heart being fully contracted during a heartbeat, it comes from the hearts pumping. This number should be under 120.

The Diastolic blood pressure comes from when the heart is a rest between heart beats. And the diastolic should be below 80.

So in short your blood pressure should be less than 120 over 80.

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I hope I didn't misunderstand your question. The normal blood pressure depends on age too. It is approximately 120 over 80.

anything over 140-90 is considered high but it varies with age

anything over 140/90 should be looked into ASAP

120/80 is the starting point but what is deemed to be acceptable goes up with age as your body's arteries fur up wear out and lose their elasticity

The Enforcer
Hi there!
Hope that this helps...

There isn't a fixed threshold between normal and high blood pressure. But generally a pressure below 140/90mmHg would be considered normal.

Paul Anthony F
I have had Hypertension before I went on Tablets . I was 180 over 120 . This is not normal . About 130 over 80 is about normal but it can vary slightly with every individual throughout the day

Textbook normal blood pressure is 120/80. You if are a woman, if you are small framed, or if you are athletic, it is usually lower.

i suffer with high blood pressure and my doc likes to maintain mine at 140/80 or below,,, it depends on your age and wether or not you are a smoker,, i am 42 and a non smoker,,,you should maybe ask your doc what yours is,,, i have a blood pressure monitor so i can keep an eye on mine at all times

I'm a 20 y/o female. My blood pressure is 100/70. I've been told this is 'near perfect' - my nursing major roommate said 120/80 is the standard

Normally the bottom number should be between 60-80 and the top number, general rule is 100 plus ur age.
So 20yr old should be 120/60-80

Here is the ref article providing the information of blood pressure and high BP risks and how to control it....

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