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 What are some remedies for a headache?
I have a really bad headache but i have a big day ahead of me what can I do to get rid of it....

 i have swimmers ear and can someone help me?
i have swimmers ear and i put ear drops in and then i tilted my head for about a half an hour and the drops still wouldnt go in! am i doing something wrong? because when i put my ear drops in it kind ...

 is cracking your neck a bad thing?

 My ear is aching, the right side of my face is puffy, and I'm dizzy. Help?
Yeah I have horrible sinuses and such....

 Sick from too much pain meds?
A few days ago i was at home and i think some of my molars are cutting in and it hurt like crazy all day so i took 2 200mg advils and slept for like an hour and then took a 500mg naproxen then ...

 I took 3 Tylenol 500 mg instead of 2, will i be fine?

 what's the worst pain someone can experience?

 My brother is hurtin all over, and its not normal for him..?
My brother woke up this morning and he says everything hurts..
and judging by the way he is "walking" around.. and the face he's making when he's not holding his head.. he...

 How can I cure this? Please help :(?
It feels like there is A LOT of pressure in my head. My head feels really heavy and my neck is sore. I took some Tylenol twice today but it hasn't helped. What can I do to relieve this?...

 Owww. It hurts. A LOT!!!!?
I got a shot yesterday and it hurts.


any tips??? its the size of a ...

 I have pains in my knee. I am 13 years old in 8th grade. What do you think the main purpose of knee pains are?

 What is the most painful pain that someone can experience?
For example.. Breaking a bone is apparently painful. Is there anything that is really painful?...

 What are some good exercises to help back pain?
I have lower back ...

 My neck hurts! How can i get rid of the pain? Please help!?
When I woke up this morning and turned my head to look at the clock I felt a horrible pain in the left side of my neck. Now whenever i tilt or turn my head to the left, it hurts. My right shoulder is ...

 Why do loved ones hurt you?
I have been with someone for almost 7 years and afraid that if I get hurt I wont be able to end the relationship?!?!...

 I'm a little worried about the mixture of meds they have me on.?
I'm taking Norco for a neck injury, now we've added Lexipro and then Klonopan for panic attacks and nightmares. I think I read somewhere the hydrocodone and the Klonopin isn't safe ...

 How to cure my are pain?
Yesterday I decided to do some push-ups, first set 20x,second set 12x, third set 5x, and fourth 10x. All of them add up to 47x. However it not much, but I haven't done push-ups in years, but I ...

 mean girl proplems: help needed now!?
there are mostly mexicans that go to my school and all of them seemed really nice! well almost all of them.
on tuesday as i was walking to the bike rack to get my cruiser, 4 mexican girls ...

 If you swallow a chewable pill does it still have the same affect?
I got these pills because I am sick and they taste HORRIBLE so I swallow them but I don't seem to be getting better....

 What could be causing this weird pain on my head?
On the left side of my head around my ear i have this weird pain. I discovered it when i had an itch, its been like this for awhile. its not excruciating pain, but it still kind of hurts. I only feel ...

John J
stress relivers? anyone?
I got a little bit of stress what are some good stress relivers?

rudy m
M16 with 3x Frag, Stopping Power and Deep Impact

get a stuffed animal and squeeze it until the cotton and stuff come out or get some rubber gloves, put flour in it, tie it and start squeezing it until its about to explode :)

I Am Nothing

Playing a sport or working out releases stress

freezin in ak
hot showers and beer

HOT STEAMY BATH with candles...

Or hop in a Mazda Miata and fly around some corners at 70 MPH...:)

Get in the car. Bring your favorite CDs - something that will make you sing really loud. Don't go home until you feel better. If necessary, add a trip to the ice cream place to the route.

End Is Near
Pumping weights and working out relieves stress significantly. I don't have sources, but I lift regularly and I feel great after a workout.

True Muslim
sleep is always a good stress reliever also taking a nice warm bath helps alot.

A hot bubble bath and a glass of wine. A little weed never hurts either...

Meditate BReath in BREath out s..l..o..w..l...y now or just shout random things at whtever inanimate object happens to be in the area
you could also try tightening and relaxing different muscle groubs.

I like a facial, or Bach's rescue remedy or you can get mineral salts PPMP. Stress is all about the magnesium. Or if your old enough a nice glass of wine and good chat with friends.

step outside put your hands in fists and put them right under your rib cage and take 10 deep breaths and call me if it did not work.

Crossing the Rubicon

Machine Commander

play some video games, listen to your favorite music, perhaps some sleep..

just do something that you like to do.

yoga, meditation, talking to a friend, reading a book/magazine, going for a walk, swimming in the pool, squishing a foam ball in your hand & deep breathing.

Bubble baths
Calming music
Journal your worries
Deep breathing
Do something you enjoy
Treat yourself...Stressed backwords spells dessertS!
Go to bed early tonight!

Good luck and remember that life's too short to stress!

hitting a punching bag works very well.. for me lifting weights takes my mind off things and calms me down.. but idk if you looking for a stress reliever or taking your mind off things.. but do something that would take your mind off things for awhile.. but if you wanna relieve stress, i'd say go to town on a punching bag

Watch tv. Particularly boxing or a UFC countdown or something. It'll make you feel better in no time


I like to take a hot bath, then do something relaxing like writing or painting while drinking tea and eating little cookies or something. That and sleeping a lot.

Fernando G
Just Go to the gym, swim, if you don't have access to a gym you could walk outside or simply rest.

The most natural 'drug' in the world


smoke some pot.

Chris Schock
Uh, relivers? or relievers? I don't want to RELIVE (Live again?) stress, I want to RELIEVE it.

Playing solitaire on the computer.


Jose dude

smoke it


but seriusly take advil


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