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neeeeeeeeed help!!!! HEADACHE!!!?
I have a headache, does anyone else!!!

Nope, but I have a damn cold!

Try and get some rest, and maybe an aspirin!

not right now. i get them a lot though b/c i have TMJ. take some aspirin with caffeine in it or take aspirin with a coke.

William C
Not now, I get Migraines, went to the doctor and he told me they were caused by the caffeine in the coffee I drank. So I stopped drinking coffee, then he said they were caused by my stopping the caffeine intake. He had me take Excedrin migraine, first ingredient is caffeine! I gave up and started buying medication over the Internet.

Kyle T
ya! i got a bad one.

The best thing to do is SLEEP thats it...
Don't expose too much of any radiation technologies like Computers...

Also buy a a medicine which will help you to fight STRESS...

Pinch your earlobes for about 5 minutes. Works for me and everyone I know.

Crystal B
right behind my left eye it usually turns into a three dasy migraine next :(

A slight headache - maybe I should take aspirin before it gets any worse!

Yea.. me too! Haven't been having enough sleep. Haha. Might be because i'm always infront of the com. Take a nap, drink more water and take more fruits. It always helps.

Get well soon! ;)

ughh i always get headaches, usually when i dont eat or am stressed. but if you eat something healthy then take a nap it usually goes away or you could just take medicine [: hope it goes away!

Everyday. Have you talked to your doctor? Sometimes overuse of tylenol or motrin can cause a headache. If you have used these regularly, you should take a few days off...in bed if necessary.

No. Take some Tylenol, if that doesn't work go to the doctor.

Seconds later-

What did U do to me?? I GOT A HEADACHE!!! It's gott'a be a mental thing!

Tim O
yes me also

I've had severe headaches on and off every day for nearly a year, today included.

Take somemild pain meds, a big glass of water and go lie down or sleep for an hour or so. Then be thankfully you don't have it permenantly.

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