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my hubby has been having shoulder/neck pain noone knows why any suggestions.Has been over 1 year now. HELP!!?
doctor gave accupuncture for muscular pain also ecg for chest pain and a mixture of tablets.
as the pain spreads across chest neck and shoulder he is parranoid its his heart and started having panic attacks. he went to physio for a few weeks but had to stop as it was to sore. he hardly sleeps as sometimes the pain is that bad and sometimes he has to be in a completly dark room as the pain goes into his head and light really makes it worse.
i do feel for him but no-one seems to be helping him and i am at the end of my teather trying to reassure him its not his heart.
i dont know who else to ask so here i am.
if there is anyone who has sugestions even if they sound silly please reply i am desperate.
thanks ever so much

White Rose
I hope this will help comfort him,My husband has similar condition since 8 Nov last year,he has been crawling up the walls with pain in chest ,arms shoulders and his fingers are numb,He too has had some physio and x Ray,s but seems no one can help him either ,we offered to pay to go private but was told it would be a waste of time.We too at our wits end with it now,He has had various drugs with some real bad side effects,and has had to stop taking them,he has not had a full night sleep since it started ,surely there has to be some sort of help out there somewhere.You have my sincearest sympathy.I Know this sounds like jobe,s comfort ,but it may help reasure him that he has no heart problem .We even paid a couple of sessions with chiropractitioner to no avail H.OPE AND PRAY THAT HE WILL BE WELL SOON.

GP usually treats trapped nerve in neck with muscle relaxants (e.g. diazepam) and anti-inflammatory drugs.

If your GP doesn't think this is what your husband is suffering from, your husband should ask him / her for to arrange a referral to a specialist consultant (there are head and neck specialists) at one of the major hospitals. No-one should be left in pain for this amount of time - it must be making him depressed and diminishing his quality of life.

It's surprising when doctors can't explain something that seems simple. I've had shoulder pain off and on for two years. Doctors and tests revealed no problems. Finally I figured it out myself:

I carry a relatively heavy computer bag with me in the car all day, sometimes taking it out 2-4 times a day. I need to keep it in the passenger seat. I used to pick it up with my right arm as I was getting out of the driver's side. I reasoned that maybe that was causing the strain. Now I go around to the passenger side a take it out from a better position of strength. Voila! It almost never hurts anymore.

I also made it a habit to start using my left hand/arm for more things. I realized I heavily favored using my right, which is pretty common. As we get older we may need to distribute the work a little more, if you know what I mean.

So, it may be some 'repetitive stress' that he needs to discover, that doctors will never be able to figure out.

From someone who has had a heart attack, trust me it is not his heart. Sounds like he may have a muscle or disc problem. As your doctor to send you to an Orthopedic
Specialist to eliminate the disc problem but in the mean time, try taking Robaxisal or Robaxacet, one is aspirin based and the other is Tylenol based and see if this helps. If it does, then it is a muscle problem. When he goes to bed at night, try warming up a bath towel in the oven or microwave and putting this on his back or chest. If you do not have a heated mattress pad, now would be a good time to invest in onel Tell hubby to stop worrying about his heart. If there was a problem, the ecg would have alerted your doctor. Hope this helps

my dad has a similar compaint, in that he's suffering pain around his shoulder / middle of the top of his back / neck - the latest MRI he has had has shown that the fluid that is around his one or two of his vertabrae (spelling??) has gone, and its this that is causing the pain.

ask the doctor for an mri - it may show something that ecg's dont?

Dream Maker
Get him to a GOOD ortho doc or neurologist!!!! ASAP!!!!!

doktor smudge
This is a classic sign of stress, he may not want to tell you what is wrong, us guys have this habit of keeping things bottled up.
It may be that he does not want to worry you, so holds it inside, and he may also feel that he is being threatened (mentally not physically)
I call this the turtle syndrome, like its namesake, you touch or make a turtle feel threatened it will pull its head into its shell, we are no different, we will pull our heads in and hunch our shoulders to protect ourselves.
Get him to a therapist that first does EFT (emotional freedom therapy) and then to a deep tissue massage therapist.
Hope this helps

Veronica Alicia
I echo noone's suggestion.
My husband had trapped nerves in his neck. Pain which went right across his shoulder, tingling in his left arm, pain up his neck into his head.
We were convinced it was a heart problem (his Mum and Grandmum had both died from heart attacks) - I took him to the cottage hospital in Pitlochry where we were caravanning.
He came out of there with his neck in a collar and exercises to do (which look a little odd!).
He still gets it from time to time, but recognises it immediately - does his exercises and puts on a soft collar and is better within a day or two.

Sometimes low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can cause general pain symptoms. The panic attacks and paranoia can also be symptoms.

Make sure he is eating 3-5 ounces of lean protein at each meal, and encourage him to have in-between meal snacks (including a pre-bedtime snack) that include some protein (smoked salmon or tuna are very good). Also, if he will eat oatmeal, fix him the old fashioned (cooks in 5 minutes) kind 2-3 times a week. He doesn't need to eat much (1/2 cup uncooked) at a time, but needs it regularly. If he doesn't like oatmeal, see if you can start cooking with it (use it in place of wheat in meatloaf).

Oatmeal contains a natural acid that our bodies slow down production of naturally as we age. Salmon and tuna are good sources of Omega 3, an essential nutrient.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica can last a couple of years, and has symptoms like this. It's difficult to diagnose. Treatment is a course of steroids.

Dellboy from UK
Trapped nerves could be the cause.
Or it may be muscle pain caused by stress.
Whichever of these it is, there is no instant cure. Take pain killers, try to relax as much as possible, avoid stressful situations (especially at work) and eventually it will get better.

a) Fix his posture or move the monitor while he works on computer (how did I know he was a computer jockey?)

b) Do simple stretching exercises on the affected parts and slowly do some strengthening exercises. Most people are so out of shape but for some reason or another expect their body not to be painful. Muscular tone keeps all the bits and pieces in correct relationship to each other.

Roger B
It could be worth a trip to the dentist. I had severe neck/shoulder pain that couldnt be tracked down - eventually found it was an infection in root canal - really painful

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