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 I hurt my leg . What should I do?
I think it was cause I might of pulled something because I hadn't danced all summer. Should I put heat on it ? Should I be walkin it out or letting it rest

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and panadol, aspirin do not work with me
and i don't do weed of cocaine......

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 eyes hurting with water!!!!!!!!
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 HElp! my arm is weird!!?
My arm is suddenly weird.


it kinda shakes and it feels ticklish
I cannot grab stuff properly! It's Not numb.


 Can playing a flute damage your ears?
Im just wondering i've been playing my flute for 2 years now at my high ...

 sharp pain in stomach helpp!?
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 help!! i'm in horrible pain!! :(?
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 guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
I didn't mean to kill him, but he got on my ****...

 why does my back always hurt when i bend over?

 Why do legs ache after exercise?
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 how do i stop cutting myself?
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 I took 4 Vicodin, what can I expect?
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Before you start hounding me about drug abuse, I have severe ...

 Pain meds?
i have to get my wisdom teeth out, and pain killers make me really sick to my stomach if i don't eat a full meal. obviously i wont be able to eat a big meal once i get them out so what is the ...

 neeeeeeeeed help!!!! HEADACHE!!!?
I have a headache, does anyone else!!!...

 What causes my migraines?
First of all I lose most of my eyesight
Second the headache comes
Third all of my face goes numb

I do spend allot of time on the computer and the wii and I was wondering if this ...

 Should i see my doctor?
During baseball practice a ball hit the bone on the side of my foot. My foot fells swollen but it doesnt look like it. I saw the bone it was bruised. I cant move my foot that much. So should i see my ...

 What's the best way to stop a migrane?
Or at least ease the pain?...

mean girl proplems: help needed now!?
there are mostly mexicans that go to my school and all of them seemed really nice! well almost all of them.
on tuesday as i was walking to the bike rack to get my cruiser, 4 mexican girls approached me and started cusing at me for no reason what so ever! and today, as i was riding my bike from school, another mexican girl started making fun of my hair and calling me a b****. i walked away and started to cry. i told the princible, but i want those girls suspended. what should i do?

I have aa mean mexican friend called tequila

well, be the feirce one! trust me, someone on facebook called me fat ugly, was being raciest toward my religen and told me to commint s u icide on my facebook honest box. you no what i said? ok great for you. And to be honest i'm kinda a loser at my school so i get dragged on all the time! so don't be a tattle tail, don't fight back just be fierce !

soccer chick
be the bigger person and just wal away u did the right thing and told that was good but all that need to do now is just walk away the same thing happend to me and the girl got suspended . so hopefully they do ihope they do i know wxactly how you feel good luck and best of wishes .

Jessie Nghiem
they just want to start something with you cause you're probably really pretty and someone's a little jealous! i think you should ignore or stay away from them cause mexicans like to gang up on people so either do that or get like 4 of your best friends to defend you and fight back!

Alexis H
just toughen up and keep telling until they get suspended

0h Well
It is not just because they are mexican. For all you ignorant people

Look girls in general talk about other ones just to make them feel better. They say mean things to make them look cool. No matter what school you go to this is going to happen

First of all don't assume that those girls are Mexicans just because of their appearance. They could be from Salvador or some where else. The best thing to do is just let someone know from school and your problem would be resolve. Its seems like your bother that these girls are Mexicans just by the way you express towards them.

It's really embarrassing to see a lot of people Don't like Mexican People.

You did the right thing, talk to your family and friends if that makes you feel better, whatever you do, DO NOT confront them.

Go up to them, say WAS UP BIT*CHES!! and throw a punch

This happends in like every school. It happebd to me before and I ignored them. Than they stopped

You can't get them suspended for calling you mean names, and them being mexican honestly has nothing to do with them being mean, there are plenty of mean people of all races, take me for example, Im mixed and I can be a total ******! The best thing you can do id try to avoid them at all costs, don't even look at them. They don't sound like the kind of people you want to mess with. Sorry I couldn't really help but good luck honey

im not EMO
why did you told the principle. in my school wi swear every minute and beat the crap of each-other


Remember that your principal is your "PAL" of your "BLE".


Stay away from them or learn karate. It sounds like they are all talk and no action. Don't let it get to you. You are a nice person... I think.

~Drama Queen~
I've dealt whit bullying before and honestly there isn't much you can do. The girls probably can't be suspended just for calling you names. I know how this feels and it's not a good feeling, and your going to feel like no one can help. My best advice is not try to fight them and avoid as much contact as you can. I'm so sorry you have to go through this and if the girls threaten you or try to harm you in any physical way then you have full right to approach the principal. I hope this helps. Best of luck.

What does their being hispanic have to do with anything?

Some people are just retarded. First of all dont let it get to you cause thats what they want. They try to make themselves feel superior by making others feel bad. just a plain old bully. Just keep to yourself or stick close to your friends. =)

Omg, you remind me of myself when I was in my freshman year of high school.
My school is also filled with mexicans, and almost none of them are nice.
They speak in spanish the whole time, and they have staring problems.
The mexican guys are also horrible. They stare, and whistle, and they are completely disrespectful.
If I were in your situation, I would keep telling the principle. That's bullying, and that shouldn't be tolerated at any school.
Don't be scared to speak up for yourself, and make sure you always put yourself first!

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