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is olive oil good for ear ache caused through wax?

i think almond oil is better

Yes, but I'd try cleaning your ears - gently - with q-tips and taking some pain meds. If that doesn't do anything then use olive oil and go see a doctor.

Warm olive oil carefully. It would heat up fast in a microwave oven. Before we had microwave ovens, my parents used a little metal cup on the electric stove burner to warm olive oil.

Then dip a cotton ball in the warm olive oil. Shape the now wet cotton ball into a point that will fit into your ear canal. The olive oil should not be too hot to handle coming from the warming cup, so it will not be too hot for your ear.

Pull back on your earlobe to straighten out your ear canal a bit. Insert the warm olive oil soaked cotton into the sore ear.

The olive oil will stay mostly on the cotton ball, but will help ease ear pain while it is warm. And the ear wax will soften a bit.

Yes, it helps. I have done it a few days ago and my hearing is back to normal. Just pour some olive oil on a warmed-up spoon and then let the warmed oil pour into the affected ear. Keep your ear tilled for a minute and then let it pour out again on a towel. Repeat for 2-3 x day for a few days. After a few days take a q-tip and gently!!!! soak up some oil. The blocked wax will eventually come out as well.

Some people use it warmed and mixed with a little warm water to try to soften and loosen the wax but most doctors will tell you it's ultimately not a good idea. Go to your chemist and ask for ear wax softener, it is called Earax. You use it for a few days and then either the wax falls out or you go to the doctor and get your ears properly syringed. You have probably pushed the wax in too far that's why you are in pain. Use painkillers and then go get the Earax or similar product.

yes as it softens the wax in the ear

I tried an over the counter ear wax removal product some years ago but this caused great discomfort and inflammation. I may be sensitive to a form of peroxide used in this kind of product. I used to have my ears syringed every few months or so, but much less frequently now since using a few drops of olive oil immediately after syringing. The timing is important because having had your ears flushed out with water, this changes the PH level which effects the small cells producing the wax in the ear canal. These cells immediately set about replacing the removed wax, and I was informed by the nurse that olive oil is about the same PH value as natural ear wax, resulting in the wax cells producing less. I would not push anything into the ear canal, as in my experience this results in inflammation.

I have suffered from ear aches from overproduced wax for several years and the best treatment is proper syringing by a nurse. If you can't get to a nurse for some reason use a proper ear wax remover from the chemists.
DO NOT use cotton buds (Q-tips) or olive oil because it's far too easy to misuse them by pushing too far into the ear or overheating oil causing far worse problems.

Yes but do not POUR it into the ear. Put a small amount on a qtip and gently put it on the walls of your outer ear. Do not push the qtip into your ear canal or you can tear your ear drum.

yes the hostpital told my wife to use it

Paula Greenwood
Personally, I'd check with your doctor first. My mum did something similar when I was little - it didn't work for me, infact I ended up with a ruptured ear drum (not sure that caused it - I have had 10 all together), but I would be wary of putting anything in my ears without checking with a Dr first. Hope this helps.


jo jo
I have had my ears syringed for most of my life and have been recommended to use olive oil to soften the wax before syringing - and often the wax was difficult to remove.

Lately I have found a product from my local chemist called bicarbonate of soda ear drops (made by Care). The nurse at my doctors cannot believe how good this product is. The syringing takes seconds ..... and no pain! Please try ... you won't be sorry.

I've heard that. I cannot though, vouch for it.

Graham and Elaine F
Yes, olive oil is good and I prefer to warm a teaspoon with water from the kettle, pour a few drops onto the spoon, pour it into my ear whilst lying on my side, then 10 to 20 minutes later out comes some or all of the wax. Plus it's softened if you are needing to get it syringed. Olive oils is now recommended rather than Almond oil, which I prefer, in case you have a nut allergy.

The expression nothing smaller than your elbow is quite true, you shouldn't put anything in your ear, leave that to the professionals.

Cure is better than using olive oil.

Suffered for years with sore ears and infections - over producing ear wax. Doctor diagnosed infection and problems caused by water trapped inside the ear following bathing and showering. Therefore, dry your ears as follows 'Carefully role the corner of toilet tissue and gently insert into the ear; turn slowly and allow the trapped water to be absorbed, repeat for other ear (do not use same tissue) - 100% success; no more infections, ear ache or excessive wax.

150ml olive oil
1 clove garlic (crush it and mix in olive oil for 15 minute)
Scoop with tea spoon and warm it on the fire. Let it cool down a bit, use a dropper and drop2 1 or two in the ear ache.

I use this for my 5 years old daughter, she was in agony for the first 5 minutes after drop, but her ear ache gone half an hour after.

warm olive oil to melt the wax and garlic for antibacteria.

Crazzy Daisy
Do not be poking your ear, anything smaller than your elbow should not be put into your ear.
Olive oil is not for earache its for loosening hard wax so that its soft enough for the ears to be syringed, ears with lots of wax can cause earache . but the ear can not be syringed if the wax is hard.
Firstly though if you have earache I would go to the doctors to get it checked, you do not want to have an ear infection and leave it untreated .

Trace T
Olive oil has always been suggested by my Doctor and nurse practitioner.
I use it at room temperature though. A few drops applied with a dropper or medicine syringe, both were purchased from the pharmacy for the job.
You can either stayed laid on your side for 10 mins or use a small piece of cotton wool to stop it running out.

The "elbow" answer is correct - it means nothing smaller than your elbow should be used to go into your ear in other words cotton buds , fingers etc will risk introducing infection and scarring.

Yes olive oil is good for the ear when warmed to sofen wax. you should also use it to massage around the ear and neck to relieve the pain. It has been used for many years for lots of ailments.
I am a senior and have used it on my children and myself for may years and was used by parents also who introduced me to it.

Yes, warm it up first then put cotton wool over to cover.

Yes, olive oil is good for ear wax, it enables the wax to come out naturally, if the wax doesn't come out, the ears will need to be syringed. in that case olive oil still needs to be put into the ear for easy removal.

the best way to cure earache is to rake the solidified wax out of your ear with your elbow. the oldest cures are always the best.

I I have had problems with my ear for years, and had them srynged many time, and the doctor always tells me to use olive oi,l you can buy a applicator from chemist to drop the oil in our ears he has never told me to warm the oil up. and has far has i know you should not poke cotton bud in your ears it makes them worse it does mine have pain in ears for days if i do

Pete T
No, nearly ruined my wife's hearing. use a propriety wax remover or get them syringed.

Michael Johnson
Many posts here are wrong! I should know as I have personal experience of both olive oil & over-the-counter alternatives. 

I used to use the latter. The doctor, pharmacist & nurse (the latter did the syringing) advised me to use olive oil instead. Initially I didn't as it just seemed wrong (hence how I ended up getting the pharmacist's advice too) - I thought that something that costs peanuts can't be as good as something that costs a fair amount & has to be binned after 4 weeks. 

So I followed their advice and used olive oil - it works well. I used a plastic travel bottle (buy it in holiday section of a supermarket or Boots). No need to warm it if you keep it outside the fridge. 

I think the warming idea comes from eardrops (e.g. antibiotics) which HAVE to be kept in fridge - you then have to warm them up before use as cold drops can make you dizzy. 

Do not try to clear earwax with cotton buds - one slip or jog from someone nearby & you've got a perforated eardrum. 

Don't mix with water - oil & water don't mix & defeats point of using oil. 

Don't heat in microwave - can get hotspots & scald eardrum. No need anyway - store outside fridge. 

Use olive oil!

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