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i have swimmers ear and can someone help me?
i have swimmers ear and i put ear drops in and then i tilted my head for about a half an hour and the drops still wouldnt go in! am i doing something wrong? because when i put my ear drops in it kind of blocks my hearing and then when i set my head straight up it just poors down. and how long does swimmers ear last for? thanks

peee on it

Ketchup Monster
Thirty minutes isn't enough. It is supposed to block your hearing! And bubble, depending on the type of drops you get(peroxide really feels good with pain management). They sell some cleaning kits at some drugstores, but if you want to stick with drops heres what you do: basically before bed put them in your ear and just lay on your side, watching TV or something. It helps to message the back of your ear(like where in the movies little girls put their gum) and move the liquid around by pulling on your ear and such. It really helps get the solution into all the "hard-to-reach" parts of your ear canal. It's not an overnight fix, but the drops help. Just try to keep the solution in your ear as long as possible, meaning keep your head tilted and as much of the solution in your ear as you can.

have someone put peroxide in ur ear, then put in a cotton ball and lay on ur side soo its doesnt come out, it soaks up the water, and its also feels good. ;D ahha.

ツ ŔคíNเиg Č๏ภ√єRѕε ღ☮
try :http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=12443&aid=336064&aparam=swim%20ear&scinit1=swim%20ear

or try putting in just plain rubbing alchohol, then sort of pulling on your ear lobe and the top part of your ear, have your head tilted for about 30 second, then lean the ear you were just cleaning out onto a towel, this usually works for me

if that doesn't work, just take some tylenol, it'll only last a few days

sorry for my confusing explanantion, but i hope i helped!

go to a doctor

It will last until the water is out.

Go to the store and look in that isle, there is more than just drops to help with this problem, they have a variety of products to handle this.

If anything you can always try to lay down on that ear for a while, it will drain out as you lie for a while.

But I do know a lot of those specialty products do work, but drops alone really never worked for me either.

Joe Biden VP
insert as much of a cotton puff as you can

lil fish
Try tiilting your head more. As you get older, you're ear canal starts to go upwards so it looks like this: (just not as steep =P)
Yours might be starting to form like that so it keeps pouring down when you tilt your head to a normal position.
I've had swimmer's ear several times being a swimmer and all.
It should only last a few days.

have you tried shaking your head while tilting it? i do that when it wont go in sometimes. but if its really bothering you and you cant fight it, i'd say go to a doctor. have you used like.. a q-tip and cleaned your ears? ive had it at most for a few weeks just because i never got around to doing anything about it

Best Answer
OMG that is the most painful thing. I had it in both ears a few months ago.. had to go to the doctor for the one ear- got an antibiotic and then it got worse and the other ear became inflammed- the pain was worse than childbirth- I finally ended up getting some awesome painkillers and a shot of antibiotics from Urgent Care that cleared me up in minutes

Scott G
I would say see your doctor too. I think what's referred to as "swimmer's ear" lasts a while, but it's not life threatening or anything. I think when something goes in your ear, it's supposed to come back out. When you're putting drops in, all that's needed is absorbed through the skin and what comes out is just the excess fluid that couldn't absorb. It's like eye drops, if you put too much in, the excess runs out.

ellen degenitals
put a few drops of alcohol. alcohol is very drying and disinfectant, it's used for swimmers ear a lot.

Rachel S
Get someone else to put the drops in you ear and then lay there for a minute and put i paper towel against your ear to soak up whatever pours out! and last time i had swimmers ear it lasted for about a week or so!

My brother always gets swimmers ear. He gets a medicine just for swimmers ear.

Lisa R
You need something to flush ur ear out. I believe they sell a kit at stores like CVS or Walgreens. Are you using drops specifically for swimmers ear?

Christina B
There is something in the drig store called aqua ear i strongly siggest it.

Chelsea S
Well when you have swimmers ear How long it is in there is how bad it is... But when I get swimmers ear I do this. I get a little tube (You can use anything, a tiny cup or what ever but a tube would be good) and you get some Alcohol and Water and Poor that in to your tube/or what ever object you have to put it in. And then every night before you go to bed you but about 4 drops in each ear, and it will also relax you. And if you keep doing that ever night it should be good in no time! (Thats how I Fix my ears when I have swimmers ear.

It always pours down, and you dont have to tilt your head for a half and hour
I tilted mine for like five minutes
but, it will always run down a little, but its still working, dont worry.

and it lasts for...uhmm, I think like 2 or 3 weeks
depends how bad you have it

put cotton balls in your ears after doing it...it will help keep it in there...

I had it once too...it was horrible.

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