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 whats your WORST pain ever in health wise?!!!! id say TOOTH / EAR and ofcourse...exceptionals for love...?
my personal experience :( iv even gt a tooth ache now :(...

 Explain my extreme and constant tiredness?
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i went to the beach and got really burnt on my shoulders,chest,back, and legs.
it is really hurting so i was wondering what i can use to get rid of it.Is there any household items that work, or ...

 brain pain, a good friend has severe pains in her brain?
the other day the pain dropped her to her knees and she banged her head on a counter. she layed there for 10 to 15 min. she's23, has a stressfull job, 2 boys that are all boy. she's been ...

 I can not swallow my pills! HELP!!?
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 Will my spine straighten or get better or worsen with my growth? I have scoliosis. HELP!?
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 Foot cramp? What can i do?
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 i want to wake up early but i can't woke up what can i do?

 whats the difference between Oxycodone and Vicodin?
thats ...

 my hubby has been having shoulder/neck pain noone knows why any suggestions.Has been over 1 year now. HELP!!?
doctor gave accupuncture for muscular pain also ecg for chest pain and a mixture of tablets.
as the pain spreads across chest neck and shoulder he is parranoid its his heart and started having ...

 Head-On. do YOU apply directly to the forehead?

 Do IV's hurt?
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 Am I being 'wound up'?
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 hi everyone ive been getting really bad headaches l8ly and the bottom of my head really hurts wat cud it b?
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 I'm 16 yrs old, and today at work i was cleaning a table (waitress) when a sharp, sudden pain occured above my
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 Sharp jabbing pain in my rib when I breathe?
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Melissa F
how do i get vicodin? or hydrocodone? ?
okay so i have really bad hips, i dont have health insurance at the moment. reg pain killers no longer work, im on my feet all day for work, is there another way i can maybe order online with out a doc visit? im in the us in michigan by canada? maybe that way? i would even be happy with tylenol 3. plz help

You are close to Canade but you should go to the emergency room...Most hospitals have somewhere where you can sign up for emergency medicaid or whatever if the pain is that bad...But you should definitely go to the emergency room....as far as Vicodin and Hydrocodone you need a prescription for that those are heavy drugs i took a Vicodin for a tooth ache and i was out cold for over 24 hours ...

This is the most popular question on Yahoo, and it is always the crappy Vicodin. Get a damn script, Vicodins are not that much man, I am sure you could swing it, if your gonna pay on-line for a membership and than pay double what they cost at a pharmacy I think you can swing it.

Try this;



go to mexico
or canadian pharmacy online

yeah I would go to canada and get them. lol tylenol 3 is really heavy, everybody would be happy on that. What about medicaid? free clinic? I would not order online because you cannot be guaranteed the purity, and might get scammed.

Not Rep or Dem!!
Move out here to CA and get cannabis perscribed. It works and it's better to eat a few brownies for pain then do prescription pain killers.

Does it really matter ?
nope you need a dr prescription..... without that you never know what you may really be getting, just go and ask your dr for a generic they ar usually cheaper

jeffrey g
they sell vicodin on the street

Just go to a doctor and give it a try. Most cities have low income clinics that provide care at a reduced price. If you are in enough pain they will give it to you. Don’t order medication online. It’s overpriced and unregulated, so you never know what exactly is in it.

talk to your local street pharmacist

if you must tang..
only with a prescription, controlled subtances

The only way you can get it is to have a prescription from a medical doctor. It's a very controlled substance in both countries,,, the DEA has made it harder and harder for patients obtain the medications because of the abuse problems,, Pain meds are a bigger killer than crack and heroin for the first time ever.

Try seeing about your local medical services office,, if you have a condition that requires medical attention so you don't get worse they normally will help you. Good luck

BTW you don't have to come out here to california to get medical marijuana,, there are now 13 states that it is legal.

and it works well!! I'm a chronic pain patient and legal bud user

You need a prescription. Its a controlled substance. The only people who write prescriptions for it have a DEA number.

Go see a doctor and get scripted properly.

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