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 I think I've thrown my back out, any suggestions?
I can't go to the chiropractor (too expensive) and I've already been to the doctor once, is all he did was give me a bunch of RX meds, but I still have a lot of pain and cannot take those ...

 How to get rid of a Calf Cramp?
What are some ways i can get rid of a calf cramp? i have had this calf cramp since i had football tryouts today and how do i get rid of it? it only happens when i flex my muscle tightens up and feels ...

 what is normal blood pressue?

 Do Braces hurt?
I'm getting them tommorow and I know my seperators hurt like heck. So should I know anything?...

 i get sharp pains all the time?
i always get really sharp pains. Usually on my chest and sometimes lower than the chest. it usually lasts about 2 seconds sometimes more, and when i get it it hurts a lot to breathe. what is it?...

 Why do I get a headache after the gym?

 help my sister fell down and wont wake up?
help ...

 What could be the reason for my migraines?
I've always had migraines before - sometimes they happen every day, other times they rarely happen. But for the past 3 days I've been suffering from migraines. For example, yesterday during ...

 i almost broke my leg this morning playing rugby?
i got tackled this morning and my studs touched my upper back but i got back u straight away and played this rest of the game but now knee has gone really stiff should i get this checked out....

 what's the best hangover cure?
after having two bottles of red wine....

 burnt my hand and it hurts?
Yesterday, I burnt my finger on a straightener and now there is a big blister. What to do? Today, I burnt 4 fingers on a hot pot. (Same hand) What to do about the pain? It burns!...

 whats a goood pain mediction for chronic back aches?
please i need ...

 I Took Two 10mg Vicodin Pills & I feel A little Off Balanced?
I noticed my pupils are constricted, and when I read or look at something on the computer then look away I feel dizzy and sort of like A drunk feeling.

I have never took any Pain-killer...

 Wrist pain from laptop use?
So i've been doing lots of coursework on my laptop. As a result my right wrist really hurts and throbs and sometimes my chest does. What is it? And how can i help it?...

 What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

 if i don't smoke pot or pop pills for my physical pain, then what do you suppose i should do?
in '05 i was in a car accident and broke both femurs, lost a chunk of my thigh, broke both sides of my pelvic, shattered my right elbow, ruptured my spleen and liver...now at 21 i have arthritis ...

 Migraines. How do you overcome them?
I frequently suffer migraines and always thought caffeine made them worse. A short while ago I saw a TV doctor say caffeine helps them? I have a really bad head right now and wondered what people ...

 From your experience, what is the best way to alleviate mid-back pain?

 My 60 yr old mother gets awful leg cramps.?
She has tried mustard, potassium, standing on newspaper, bananas, over the counter leg cramp pills and nothing helps her. Any ideas on how to make these stop or what's causing them? She wakes ...

 Need Help!?
My friend got kicked in the male area and we thought everything was ok because his pain started to go away but a few days later his pain started getting worse and worse and today he didn't even ...

-Jason HAM- Long Vive Le Jambon
doesn't restless leg syndrome sound made up to you?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… You can't tell me we have gone on for thousands of years, and the one year drug companies are in a number/marketing crunch because the FDA has pulled their drugs off the shelf, they come up with restless leg syndrome????? I have been around the world for over 30 yrs and STILL have never once met someone who has it.

No its not made up.

My son in law has it. I gave him some of my DRibose to try and his symptoms went away. DRibose is the "D" in your DNA. Apparently some people's bodies dont make enough of this simple sugar and it interfers with our nervous systems. I personally think its something in our food that is causing this type of damage to happen.

Susan Yarrawonga
Obviously you have never had RLS or you wouldn't be asking such a stupid question.

RLS is a very real and common health problem and many people suffer from it.

It doesn't sound made it. I know people who have it and they really don't get good sleep.
Next you are going to wonder if HIV/AIDS is made up too.........

Nope, not at all. It's a real condition that affects a lot of people and can be pretty awful. You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restless_legs_syndrome

friendly neighborhood atheist
no, it sounds miserable

it might sound like a fake thing but i know first hand its real. Man it is bothersome.

No because I have it, and trust me if you've ever been with somebody who has it or if you have it you know that it is very real.

Wrong number
Do you not know how to type the word google and do your own search? No wonder you have to ask a stupid question like that, you can't even type. good greatin grief.

Crazy Chicky
it is definitely not made up. RLS runs in our family history and we all take meds for this very bothersome problem. it is so awful when you want to lay down to go to sleep and all you can do is keep moving your legs to keep from going crazy!! i am glad that it is finally being advertised so that the people who are not aware of what their problem may be can finally get some help. do you think that you may have RLS?

how do you make up a disorder that you can see in people during sleep studys.
it not like they can fake it when asleep.
also they can see it during a pet scan.

i hope you get it. lol

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