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 i have a very sharp pain in the bottom of my back,lots of reffered pain in my legs,especially my right one. ?
i cant bend down much like i used to. i'm only 15..i'm tall 5 " 10......... what is it? ive had it for months and its got worse in the past 2 weeks.


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 Is it a ganglion cyst?
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Layan .N.
does it hurt when you get spacers?

nickname here
i got them when i was little and they hurt a lot, you're probably older so it may or may not hurt. if it does hurt your not a wimp, they can hurt thought so i would suggest taking Tylenol or other pain killer before you go to the dentist. i hope they don't hurt :)

i call them seperators i got mine put on yesterday it didnt hurt that much when they put them on.

for the first day its ok i didnt feel any pain i came home and ate food and was chewing and it was all alright

But today the pain kind of kicks in when you eat i wanted to eat my cereal this morning my cereal is like really chunky with big oatmeal clumps in it and apple pieces and eveyrything it KILLED i could not chew because the teeth really hurt and so i had to throw all the cereal in the bin i have not eaten anything so far since i got up this morning

I Have a feeling im not gonna be eating much the only thing i can eat is soup and ive been drinking heaps of water.

I cant even eat with seprators on i dont know how im going to put up with braces.

The seprators arnt as bad i think the braces will hurt more


La Dayshia

Not unless your a wimp.

Here to helppp .
omg yes.
i remmeber when i first got them .
dont worry though it depend son how close or far apart your teeth are.

I thought they hurt a little, a bit like when a tooth is growing in, but it's not so bad and it's only for a short period of time.

April C
no i have it and it didnt hurt at all. i only have 2 spacers and now im almost done with my braces. yah

No it's a little annoying but it doesn't hurt

When I got spacers in preparation for braces I had them hurt me for several days.

They don't hurt at all

yes, i remember when i got them i couldn't eat or close my mouth to where my teeth touch.

no you just feel like a pop and thats them being placed. after that, no

It depends, when I got mine, they did hurt but only on the first day. When my friend got them it hurt for a while. Just get ready for the pain on the first day and the day after you your spacers in.

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