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Two days ago, i had loads of alcohol apparently i puked up some stomach lining.
Anyway .
I havent had my period yet. So i wasnt sure if it was just ppains.
I dont think so tho.

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 i have a very sharp pain in the bottom of my back,lots of reffered pain in my legs,especially my right one. ?
i cant bend down much like i used to. i'm only 15..i'm tall 5 " 10......... what is it? ive had it for months and its got worse in the past 2 weeks.


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 Is it a ganglion cyst?
Me - 16, female, healthy person
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bulging l5/s1,torn l4/l5 disc help!?
Hi i have has the above complaint since july and its now november! I have had facet joint injections,nerve root block, epidural,hydrotherapy and physio and none of these have helped. Im on 19 tablets a day and quite frankly am fed right up. I had gotten rid of the sciatica but its now back with a vengence.Leg keeps going numb then tingling. Due to see my surgeon again next week...has anyone had a discetomy and did it help? asking as last time i saw him he said if came back in legs this would be what was going to happen...and has anyone got any tips to help with the pain as only thing that seems to help at moment is lying on my side with body in fetal position. Thanks in advance.

I've treated a lot of people with acupuncture and have had pretty impressive results. I would highly suggest acupuncture, but from an accredited acupuncturist. Don't be tempted to get acupuncture treatment from a doctor because their acupuncture treatments will be very superficial and purely symptomatic. A traditional acupuncturist with years of experience will be a better investment. Also, you will need to be prepared to invest money, patience and time with this treatment. Simply having a couple of treatments and then saying it doesn't work will waste money and time. Sink in a dozen treatments if needed and commit to it. Saying that, I have had people come in with severe back problems and, lo and behold, one or two treatments has fixed the problem, but that may not be your result. Take x-rays with you so the practitioner can have a look at the underlying tissue damage. If it's too severe for acupuncture, your acupuncturist should give you a fair prognosis.

I have suffered from bulging discs in the past and my life was a living hell for quite a few years....until
a neurosurgeon prescribed me amitriptylline tablets.... I took one tab at bedtime. Within a month I noticed a real difference with my pain and discomfort, sleep improved and my frame of mind improved. This was the only medication I needed to take for my back pain...... like you I was taking large amounts of meds before.. I have avoided surgery and I now do weights at the gym, yoga, cycle and horse ride. This medication is used in low doses for chronic pain and really turned my life around. I stayed on it for about 18mths and then weaned right off it in about 6mths. This was approx. 4 years ago and I have never looked back.
Hope this works for you...Good Luck.

In 1983 I had two discs removed, 4 & 5 lower lumbar region. After three months of physio I went back to driving my truck all over europe. 11 years ago I started getting the self same pains as I did back in the 80's. My feet felt like they were in a wet wellie all of the time. The pain was getting quite intense by the time I went for an MRI scan. X-rays showed nothing wrong with my spine but the scan did. I have now got scar tissue growing on the nerve in my spine. I was expecting my surgeon to operate on me but he was told not to. I have pain of varying degrees most of the time and on a bucket of medication including morphine. I have learnt to live with the pain now.

Before the surgery I had a metal bar just out of reach between two walls. I would hang from it for as long as I could. Hanging by your arms puts the spine in a straight line and you can feel the benefit.

Look at this site www.spine-health.com and you will learn from it. Good luck m8ty and if I had to have the surgery again I would. I am now 64 years old.

Hi, I went through hell to sort this one out as I only had sciatica and no back pain for years and the medics were unsure. I ended up with a laminectomy, but frankly I still suffered for years afterwards. I commute and constantly sit in a desk job. I have found that my symptoms are best managed with two things only. Although I am 5'9" tall and a guy, I have a slight frame and nobody told me that for my Frame, that I needed to live my life around 9 and a half stone and not 11 stone, so weight loss is very key. I also have kept active and play five a side football, but the pain still did not go completely due to my lifestyle. If you are in a desk job, lower your seat as much as possible as it will throw your posture back into a good position. I only found out about this recently and it has helped a great deal.

Hi there i know what you are going through had the same complaint about 18 months ago severe sciatica my discs were bulging trapping the sciatica nerve my surgeon did an discetomy in feb 09 although it took a few weeks for the pain to subside it was such a relief as of today i am not completely free of sciatica but on a scale of 1 to 10 its only at about 3 most days much easier to deal with i can live with this. As to the pain when the sciatica was bad i did much the same lying on my side getting the weight of the lower back not much else you can do. the answer for me was the operation hope this has helped .

Dr. Sujok

It took me about 8 or 9 years too find out that i had 3 bulging disks. I was in constant pain and discomfort. In this time i was having chiropractic care but it did'nt hit the spot all the time. Then i changed to a osteopath, best thing i ever done................

i did l4/5 a couple of times properly so far - 3 and 4 months rest respectively to heal. the thing i fould to cure in the end was calinetics - core strength exercises . you can use it afterwards to stabilise your back when the muscular spasms set in. it works - try it.
worst pain in the world though, i know- stay strong mentally- you will get through it. best of luck , mark

guardian N
I agree with some answers such as suggested by Bailuo and I too have had good results when treating patients with acupuncture (traditional) and though it can be managed, once and injury has occurred there will always be a vulnerability in the affected area. Have also found that hydrotherapy is very helpful. Try to keep your lower back warm as cold tends to make the muscles contract and increases pain somewhat. Keep mobile but dont exceed your limitations....just go steady. At night you might find it helpful to put a pillow between your knees and ankles when lying on your side to alleviate the stretch on the back ....this does ease the pain. When lying on your back put a pillow underneath your knees and have them slightly bent. I hope this helps.....but do try hydrotherapy and swim a few times a week as someone else suggested, go gently though....healing takes time. The aim is to reduce the pain and increase the mobility.

from one back pain sufferer to another..pls let me know how you get on.

I had 4 prolapsed discs in my lower back, the sciatic pain went all the way to my toes, which got to the point were I was walking slowly with a limp, couldn't sit properly without constantly moving around and car journeys were a big no! I tried all sorts of therapies, I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs, but I must admit that I was willing to try anything cause the pain was that bad.

As a last throw of the dice before considering surgery I tried swimming. All I can say is that it worked wonders! I saw an improvement almost imediatley and with in a year I was backpacking around SE Asia. So if that's not testiment to the positive effects of swimming I don't know what is!

Get in the pool regulary, like 3 time a week. First of all just do some gentle movements, nothing to sudden or that makes the pain worse. Then build it up slowly but steadily and get the lengths in. I now do between 9-12 kilometers a week but even when I did a fraction of this I saw a vast improvement. I think the key is obvious... when in the water most the pressure is lifted, you naturally re-algin and you get movement back into your problem areas. Yes I still get the odd ache in the cold weather and I get a bit sore if sat for a while.... but it's back to the pool and the best medicine!

Give it a try, good luck and let me know how you get on? :)

Get ur self operated as some discs r blocking ur nerves

I had problems with l3/l4, l4/l5 and l5/s1. I spent 9 months looking at my ceiling, the doc's operated on l3/l4, spent another 6 months looking at the ceiling and then they removed l4/l5...I still have l5/s1 and still have pain, numbness and scar tissure...would I let them operate again - YES, at least I can walk now, sometimes vwithout pain!!
I wasn't lucky enough to get microsurgery, so have two large ladders going up my spine, but they were worth it.
I am going skiing in February, let's see how it holds up then.
I do still take tablets every day and the arthritis isn't fun, but it's better than looking at the ceiling!
Good luck

things to complement your treatment, Vit C in large amounts to stop infection essential between 7 and 15 gms a day.

Get a good nutritional medicine book the enormous 'nutritional medicine'' by Dr.Phylis Balch. ( american second hand at Amazon , cheaply imported from America)s. food and herbs and vitamin can provide amazing health support including pain control. This resource puts solutions in your own and your loved ones hands, The funded national health solutions maybe essential but the side effects can be as bad as the disease. with herbal and nutritional medicine, it is wholistic and heals and strengthens your whole body. it also support surgery very well.

because you have found ease in your posture you could look for a very good feldencrais practicitoner . a good one can help you getall sorts of ease other than the one position you have found. .Seek and you will find... someone ou t there will give you the clues you need . the internt is invaluable but clearly the 19 tabs are a road to nowhere. i do however take a good many vitamins and minerals a day to support my health. i have recently found c0q10 work v ery well and at 62 found i could do a shoulder stand more easily that I've ever done in the pastGlucosamine for protecting your joints. and a full basic vitamin and mineral support. yu could try dr. paul clayton who
writes excellent books on nutritional medicine. you have to be dogged and read and researchand be interested in the field. to save the quality of your life. Vit E,multi B.s Vit C. harmless even in large amounts. i find Cal Mag Zinc fromholland and barret a good painkiller tranquiliser, take with your orange and vit c Powder. god bless and trust yourself. the doctors will only give you drugs promoted and tested by the big drug companies , whose focus is profit. nutritional medicine goes back to the chinese and british herbalists like culpepper, alternative mediicine is persecuted by the omnipowerful interests of money , led by the drug companies.

Hi you have my sympathy, i suffered for years with a prolapsed disc at the bottom of my spine, it was only after my body went into spasm with the pain, that the doctors decided to investigate further and hey presto a slipped disc that had prolapsed onto my spinal cord. So there was only two options for me stay as i was in agony or have quite a serious operation to remove it, so i opted for the latter. For 6 weeks after the operation i could only gently walk, no bending or lifting but believe me you wont want to, or lie down, no sitting was allowed. But five years on im great i still have to be careful with my back sensible lifting etc i still get the occasional twinge but thats nothing in comparison. Would i do it again? yes i think so because quality of life springs to mind. Before i go there is an excercise you could do to stretch the sciatic nerve they showed me this in the hospital, you lay flat on your back, raise one leg slowly to your chest and hold it there then slowly try to straighten your leg keeping the other one flat. When you have pushed it as staight as you can try to make your toes touch your knee {not literally} and wiggle your foot in this direction, it will probably hurt but it worked for me, do the same with the other leg but slowly unwind the other one first, it stretches the nerve out and gets rid of any kinks that might be there. Hope this has helped and good luck with your op.

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