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Will my spine straighten or get better or worsen with my growth? I have scoliosis. HELP!?
I was recently diagnosed with scoliosis and the doctor used a scale to determine the curve. It was a 7. This isn't a severe curve at all but i was wondering if my growth might straighten it out over time. Or could it get worse?

It will get worse and the only wat to fix it is to deflate one of your lungs and brake a couple of ribs to placed on your spine.

I think you will be OK, make sure to take a good high quality vitamins and follow through with your doctor's advice.

Probably not! Its your spine and you cant just straighten it. It does have a risk of getting worse as you get older. It depends on your age. If you are preteen you can do things to help it.

Snap back to reality
hmm it could i also have it mine is a 4 so not to bad but painful. Ya i think it will?

work on your posture, stretching, etc. and it should improve. or get a back brace, they're not that noticable (unless you take your shirt off). one girl in my high school had one and nobody knew.

I've had mild scoliosis since I was a kid and it started to get noticeably worse around age 18 because of repeatedly sleeping the same crooked way every night. One thing that does help me is going to the chiropractor. I can feel a difference after just one adjustment. It's not scary or painful if you've never been adjusted and it should help keep your spine properly aligned while you're growing. Exercises to strengthen the muscles around your spine will also help to keep your spine up straight. Belly dancing is great for all those muscles! Hope this helps!

ℓ σ v є ♥
There really isn't an answer to that. It could do both. I have a 30. Your pretty lucky. My mom had a 50 or 60, it was pretty bad. She used a brace for a few years and the curve didn't get worse but she had to have back surgery :(

i got the same problem,and some doctors told me that swimming is very good for my back and improves the situation....this means not going to the sea or in the pool and stay there.it means swim for more than 30 min. ^^ i hope i help

i could get worse as you grow... as in the matter of fact my sister has scoliosis too and stopped growing completely when she was thirteen....hopefully you are older than that and your case is not as savir as hers.... i recommend that you get support... for your back as in clothes... try getting a tight under shirt with crossed straps in the back.... i forgot the name of it but its at the tip of my tongue.... either way ask your doctor for anything like that that can help provide support and a good posture.

I have scoliosis too and its about the same as yours. I have had no problems with it yet i don't think my spine has straightened any. I wouldn't worry about it but just make sure you check with the doctor's about once a year to make sure that it hasn't gotten worse.

it can get worse if you continue

sitting hunched
standing hunched
wearing a heavy backpack

you can do stretches and excercises to try to straighten ur spine again. but growth spurt wont force scoliosis away.

Magic lover
if you don't do special exercises it will get worse so don't risk it a good friend of mine did it got so bad she recently had a pole put in her back she can no longer bend over or swim or do any thing really comfortably

Crikey a Wild Ski Bum
ever think of asking the doctor, or did you save this question so you could ask strangers on the internet?

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