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 I'm 16 yrs old, and today at work i was cleaning a table (waitress) when a sharp, sudden pain occured above my
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James M
Whenever i stand up i go dizzy?
also i feel sick when i watch football and the camera pans around or bright lights

You'll live.

JOsh C
i sometimes feel dizzy and like black out for a second
its when i dont get fresh air

u may not be getting enough nutrition in your body. i too used to sufffer from dizzy spells... it turned out i was very anaemic due to a lack of iron and b12. since dramatically increasing my iron rich foods and taking iron tablets, the dizzy spells have stopped. talk to your doctor to do you a blood test to see why

Martha B
Don't stand up so fast. Don't look directly into the light.

A little motion sickness is normal, but if you are concerned ask the Dr. next time you are there. Or give him a phone call if that makes you feel better.

Dolly F
For the standing up and feeling dizzy, that could be nothing serious. Many people I know (and even I get it sometimes) get dizzy after sitting for a while. This is because:
"When you stand up quickly gravity pulls blood from your brain towards your feet and blood doesn't return to the brain until the next heart beat. With a slow pulse, this takes a second or two and that is enough time to feel the lack of oxygen in the symptom of lightheadedness or dizziness. It is also related to something called postural hypotension. This results from a decrease in blood flow to the brain, due to a drop in blood pressure upon standing up. "
For the panning of the camera, I am not sure. It doesn't sound too serious but if it is bothering you, then call your doctor.

it causes a lack of oxygen to the brain.

try to focus on breathing, when you get ready to stand up. if you breathe a few times, and actually time yourself as taking a breath in as you stand, you will feel less light headed. just be cautious when you stand up, and try to stand up slowly. don't get up too fast.

i used to work outside, and had that happen numerous times. hope it goes well.

Sam !x
Have you got Anameia ??

Have your blood pressure checked - it could be low

You probably have an inner ear infection. Go to the Doctor and have him prescribe an antibiotic for you.

Krista F
Orthostatic hypotension you're standing up too quickly.... do you take drugs for hypertension.

you could be dehidrated. drink alot of water

Although some people continue to have dizzy spells at irregular intervals for many years. Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the maze of inner-ear canals that control balance. The disorder usually arises from nasal congestion caused by a cold or allergy. The result is vertigo, a spinning sensation that disrupts balance. Certain medications may help control the dizziness. These drugs include dimenhydrinate, sold over the counter as Dramamine, and meclizine, available by prescription as Antivert or over the counter as Bonine or Dramamine H. And good luck.

You have got a circulation problem, nothing serious... I bet you get pins and needles if you sit with your legs crossed too long as well.

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