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 Painful tingling on my back?
All day today, I've had random moments where my back had painful tingling... It's very brief but its happened a few times today and I've never felt it before. Any ideas what this is ...

 what is the best pain relief for head aches without medications?

 Migraine relief without medication?
I have a migraine right now, since last night, and woke me several times during the night. The only medication I can take is tylenol (which I've been taking every 6 hrs with minor relief) ...

 I'm going to have mine done soon so I want to know, do blood tests hurt?

 what is a t bag and does it hurt?

 I have an Upset Stomach?
Hi, I have an upset stomach and I need to know what I can do to make it go away? And BTW, I don't have to use the bathroom. So what can I drink or eat to make it feel better? I can't drive ...

 I hurt my leg . What should I do?
I think it was cause I might of pulled something because I hadn't danced all summer. Should I put heat on it ? Should I be walkin it out or letting it rest

 ny head hurts... need a pill, do you know a good one?
and panadol, aspirin do not work with me
and i don't do weed of cocaine......

 I've been really stressed out lately..?
I've been really stressed out lately. Can stress make your jaw hurt?...

 eyes hurting with water!!!!!!!!
i wash my face twice a day, and i hav found that when i flush them with water, my eyes start to feel very painfull like needles stabbing in the corners. nothing seems to work for them, even eyedrops. ...

 HElp! my arm is weird!!?
My arm is suddenly weird.


it kinda shakes and it feels ticklish
I cannot grab stuff properly! It's Not numb.


 Can playing a flute damage your ears?
Im just wondering i've been playing my flute for 2 years now at my high ...

 sharp pain in stomach helpp!?
if i push on my stomach at all i get a weird pain like really sharp and it some how goes up to my chin and for some reason i've been bloated as well, any ideas as to what this is?...

 What's the best way to treat a sore wrist?
I play tennis a lot, and I've been playing a lot more than usual lately. Now, I have a sore write. What are some good ways to treat it? I've tried icing it, but it's still very sore. <...

 help!! i'm in horrible pain!! :(?
well today i was nailing some wood (long story) and i was bending down....when i got back up the left side of my lower back felt excruciating pain!! it hurts when i sit, stand up, walk....anything!! ...

 guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
I didn't mean to kill him, but he got on my ****...

 why does my back always hurt when i bend over?

 Why do legs ache after exercise?
I am 35 yr old female and have been exercising for the past 6 weeks, walking for an hour 4-5 times a week and also walking on treadmill for 20-30 minutes. But for the past few days my legs are aching ...

 how do i stop cutting myself?
i started cutting myself when i was 11 cuz i was extremely self- conscious about my weight. When i realized that cutting wasn't helping a lot, i started to be bulimic. Then i went back to ...

 Can marijuana help my migraines?
I've heard that studies support weed as a cure for migraine headaches, but I've also heard that weed can intensify the pain if it's the wrong strain. I've tried all sorts of ...

What is the most painful pain that someone can experience?
For example.. Breaking a bone is apparently painful. Is there anything that is really painful?

Purple Aura Snake
Heartbreak I guess. Not only is it damaging, it's persistent and can last a very long time unlike any type of wound.

Omg Obvious
for me personally its headaches.. There the worst kind of pain i get for some reason i just cant handle headaches

Courtney Muir
Hi about your question you dont know what is more painful i would have to say Labour is the most painful thing in your life

Most women will say labour, but try getting cramp in your calf after a night of drinking! Worse pain ever! :)

......only 2 things come 2 mind..... Hostel and saw ..lol .. God haha

Highly comminuted bi-lateral os calcis fractures.

Trust me - I know from experience.

Midnight Hour
Yes, an abscessed tooth.

It's constantly with me. I am never comfortable and cannot remember the last day i could even sit down without being in pain!

depends if ur male or female, giving birth or getting kicked in the u know whats

chemical burns to both hands! 4 years ago i decided to clean the top of the oven with a bit of mister muscle oven cleaner, i was 15 and didn't notice or know i had to wear gloves, the pain started that night with some tingling and by 10am the next morning it felt like someone had been using a flamethrower to my hands! long story short.. pain got even indescribable and it took 8 months of physio and plastic surgery help to be able to use my hands again, i've a herniated disks and sciatic needing surgery since but my hands -worst pain ever!


Natural childbirth. Believe me, I speak from personal experience.

Birth and kidney stones are really painful.

I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in half & thought & was going to die. (and I've had 2 children natural - no pain meds)

Ruptured spleen tops my list, even over natural childbirth. I'm not eager to see if anything can compete. Though I hear kidney stones are no picnic either.

mrs. Robinson
I know what could be possibly the most painful thing ever um..
Getting skinned alive by the person who you believe loves you the most in this world and having them pour lemon and salt all over your body and then having them shove you in meat grinder feet first. See not only is that physically painful as heck but its emotionally painful.

Sean H
Being burned by fire (trust me)

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