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 i get sharp pains all the time?
i always get really sharp pains. Usually on my chest and sometimes lower than the chest. it usually lasts about 2 seconds sometimes more, and when i get it it hurts a lot to breathe. what is it?...

 Why do I get a headache after the gym?

 help my sister fell down and wont wake up?
help ...

 What could be the reason for my migraines?
I've always had migraines before - sometimes they happen every day, other times they rarely happen. But for the past 3 days I've been suffering from migraines. For example, yesterday during ...

 i almost broke my leg this morning playing rugby?
i got tackled this morning and my studs touched my upper back but i got back u straight away and played this rest of the game but now knee has gone really stiff should i get this checked out....

 what's the best hangover cure?
after having two bottles of red wine....

 burnt my hand and it hurts?
Yesterday, I burnt my finger on a straightener and now there is a big blister. What to do? Today, I burnt 4 fingers on a hot pot. (Same hand) What to do about the pain? It burns!...

 whats a goood pain mediction for chronic back aches?
please i need ...

 I Took Two 10mg Vicodin Pills & I feel A little Off Balanced?
I noticed my pupils are constricted, and when I read or look at something on the computer then look away I feel dizzy and sort of like A drunk feeling.

I have never took any Pain-killer...

 Wrist pain from laptop use?
So i've been doing lots of coursework on my laptop. As a result my right wrist really hurts and throbs and sometimes my chest does. What is it? And how can i help it?...

 What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

 if i don't smoke pot or pop pills for my physical pain, then what do you suppose i should do?
in '05 i was in a car accident and broke both femurs, lost a chunk of my thigh, broke both sides of my pelvic, shattered my right elbow, ruptured my spleen and liver...now at 21 i have arthritis ...

 Migraines. How do you overcome them?
I frequently suffer migraines and always thought caffeine made them worse. A short while ago I saw a TV doctor say caffeine helps them? I have a really bad head right now and wondered what people ...

 From your experience, what is the best way to alleviate mid-back pain?

 My 60 yr old mother gets awful leg cramps.?
She has tried mustard, potassium, standing on newspaper, bananas, over the counter leg cramp pills and nothing helps her. Any ideas on how to make these stop or what's causing them? She wakes ...

 Need Help!?
My friend got kicked in the male area and we thought everything was ok because his pain started to go away but a few days later his pain started getting worse and worse and today he didn't even ...

 What Vitamins Can I take So I Don't Feel Cold?
all the time. We don't have a heater in our home. So can you recommend vitamins for me.

My hands, feet, bones are always cold. I have arthritis, too....

 Are your feet tough to where you can walk barefoot on stones and it not hurt your feet?

 What's the most painful way to die?
I need suggestions.....

 If your sore does that mean your getting stronger?

Mrs James McFadden
What is the most painful household incident you can think of?
Because I just stepped on an upturned plug!!! ouch!!!

I've done the plug thing,still have a 3 point plug imprint on the sole of my foot.
I would have to say it's potato peeling your fingers that hurts!!

i got an apple corer half way up under my thumb nail. most pain iv'e ever been in blood came out to my heart beat

Telling the wife I'm going out on the motorbike when she wants me to decorate .... NOTHING comes close!

doing the ironing, then putting the iron on a slant holder at the side of the ironing board, then walking towards it and tripping forward and falling on the iron so the hot iron went right into your eyeball

Oweee. Poor you. I was putting the iron away the other day and the cable is very long so I pulled the top of it, and the plug flew off the counter and down straight onto my big toe. Now that was very painful. Still got the bruise.
Maybe we can agree that plug related injuries in general are just not nice!

aires69uk OFFICIAL
Chopping onions and naked and have the knife slip out your hands and slice off your nob. I think that'd probably be more painful. [hmmm]

Having said that I got a splinter out with a needle and then left the needle upright in the arm of the couch. I got up and walked off forgetting I'd left it there and my brother went to sit down on the couch and put his had on the arm. The head of the needle went right into his hand and I felt as guilty as hell - still do.

Oh my gawd it doesnt get worse than that for small accidents.

Ow Ow Ow is making me wince thinkin bout it!!! Burn from the oven is quite nasty tho.

washing up a kitchen knife is quite a hazardous job! also got my finger with the cheese grater

Ouch indeed - lego bricks are painful too!

a skillet full of hot greese on your bear feet.

heating up a cup of tea in the microwave and when i took it out to stir it i had put it in too long and as the cold spoon touched the hot tea it spurted up like an explosion and made a big splooshing noise......
2yrs later there's still sum scarring above my eyebrow and chin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEWARE.. who would have thought it?... liz

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