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What causes leg cramps and how to prevent them?
from happening again
today i took a nap and i woke up very abruptly and kind of jut toppled over because i got leg cramps in BOTH legs this has never ever happened to me but i do get regular leg cramps in one leg at a time but never like this and as intense as this both my legs were just stiff and i could feel the worst pain ever it lasted for i would say 3-5minutes the longest it has ever been my mom was trying to relieve my pain but nothing would work
What could have caused this?
Im only 15 is it normal to have such intense leg cramps?
How do i prevent them from happening again?
im afraid to go to bed now

thats just a regular cramp, and the ones in the legs, Mostly calf, hurt a lot.
just stretch them out everyday, stretching helps prevent cramps

I had a similar problem - very vexing. I finally found something called "Cramp-Stop" that really works, at least for me. I don't think it is available in drug stores, but is available online.

My husband is a nurse. Either it is potassium deficiency or you need to take a Multi vitamin and you wont have any cramps anymore. I have to do the vitamin thing because I hate bananas.

For leaving them bent to long it causes cramps to prevent them take a 20min walk everday and strectch ur legs that would help

Ewwwwww that really hurts I had that or years.
I feel for you.
I was advised that I didn't have enough salt in my diet.
I try to eat oily fish 2 -3 times a week because Omega 3 is meant to help.
Since eating oily fish, and adding sea salt to my diet.
You know the flakey stuff you grind yourself.
Well everything has been fine since then.
Touch wood.

Try drinking more water? And possibly go to the doctor if it keeps up!!

Lynne W
Mine were caused by too much calcium. I cut back on milk, and was much improved.

Lack of potassium can cause cramps, get a potassium suplimate, or eat bananas. Or better yet, call your doctor. Slan, Seamus

Here to help U
a lack of nutrients causes this. particularly calcium. drink milk, or calcium fortified OJ.

Travis M
In the Army I got bad cramps and the Doctor told me it was due to a lack of potassium.
I started eating a banana every morning and VIOLA! No more cramps.

my mum has always told me they are from lack of salt ---- you need more salt in your diet

Might be because of less calcium intake...Check yourcalcium intake in diet..Increase through diet or go for supplements with magnesium

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