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 What r u doing right now?

 Help!My throat hurts! 10 points!?
I need a remedy or something, to help heal my sore throat! 10 points!...

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 Oxycodone or Hydrocodone?
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Symptoms ..chest pain, abdominal pain, passing gas. etc?
Two days ago, i had loads of alcohol apparently i puked up some stomach lining.
Anyway .
I havent had my period yet. So i wasnt sure if it was just ppains.
I dont think so tho.
I havent been eating too well.
I have chest pain.
Increased amount of lower gas.
Abdominal pains.. like loads at the moment.
Loss of appetite.
Slightly odd breathing.
A kinda ill feeling?

What could this be?? Anyone?
I think it was stomach lining.. it came up in red bit and stuff..

It's called a hangover.

-Daymi. $$


It can be the flu, long response to the alcohol, or it could be 2 things at the same time.

ie. anxiety and gas. or maybe just upset stomach that is echoing all over, it seems like all the symptoms that relate to your stomach, even the chest maybe like an heartburn sensation.

If you still have these symptoms go to a Dr. Take care and feel better.

go to webmd.com and try their symptom checker. It'll give you possible diagnoses, but you won't get a real diagnosis unless you see a doctor. Webmd will help you guess at what it might be.

Michael Jackson. We Love you x x

Guillem T
It could be flatulence or flatulency; go to your GP.

its the effects of the alcohol.you body does not want it,i am going though the same thing as you right now,i feel bad

Black Beauty
You need to see a doctor. Better safe than sorry. Don't play when it comes to your health.

Alcohol can cause dehydration and disrupt cell function throughout the body, making you feel sick, or hungover when any intoxication wears off. The amount needed to trigger a hangover depends partly on how much you're used to drinking: As little as one or two glasses of wine, for example, can leave some people feeling wiped out if they seldom drink at all.Of course the best way to avoid a hangover-and to avoid getting dangerously tipsy-is simply not to drink heavily or more than usual. also its not your stomach lining, that stuff come from your digestive system. If you don't feel better in 24 hour, see your health care provider as soon as possible. And good luck.

liver problems , see your gp

Piano's LUVR
Well, anytime you have chest pains, and abdominal pain you really should go to see your doc...especially cause the chest pain could signal something, and the odd breathing. I dont know what it could be, and no one here would be able to give you any great advice other than to go and seek medical attention. It might be nothing, but nothing is better than something and NOT going.

Go to the doctors, ASAP....good luck.

the most critical thing right now is that you have chest pain.

regardless of your age or gender, docs say ANY unexplained chest pain (which this is) means you should go to the ER.

i'm serious. combined with odd breathing, this is really serious - and there isn't any way for us or you to tell how serious - that's why you need a doc.

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