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Should I go to the doctor?
Okay so for about a week I've been having the worst headaches ever. I've taken advil, allergy medicine, and ibuprofen and it still hasn't gone away. I've also been experiencing nausea, blurred vision, heat flashes(but Im usually cold), and extreme tiredness. My headache would usually just happen at night when I would walk around, but its gotten worse to where I feel it all day. I thought maybe it would be allergies but Im not sure that allergies would do that....but then again Im not a doctor lol.

Owl Eyes
well a little while ago i had an extremely bad virus and id get the same symptoms as u; dizziness, extremely bad headaches, and blurred vision. i went to the doctor and he said i may suffer from extreme migraines..turns out my aunty suffered from them too. migraines r extremely bad headaches. the doctor gave me antibiotics and a prescription for these horrible headaches..and im much much better now. so thats exactly what u should do. leaving it will just make it worse, and its not going to get better on its own. u wanna get better? go see a doctor!
hope i helped and good luck! :]

I would I am having almost the same symptoms but the doctor will probably send you to a specialistread my question it sounds just like yours!

I think that would be a good idea. Just to be on the safe side. What have you got to lose? The doctor may be able to notice something that you cannot.

emily l
Well i asked my dad he is a nurse. If you are on your periods then its menstrual related. He said you would need black cohosh its a herb that helps menstrual problems in women. so this should help!

uhmm? yes..always go to the doctor just to be sure.

Sounds like you are having a migraine - you can try a really high dose of ibuprofen or aleve until you can get in to see the doc who can prescribe something stronger. It could resolve on it's own

try to avoid light sounds and other triggers. get some rest - best thing for a migraine

you should go cause it's getting worse.

i was really sick once and i waited to go to the ER. i finally did go and the nurse asked me why i didn't come to the ER sooner. i told her i didn't know how to tell if i needed to come. the ER nurse said that if you are getting progressively worse, you should come to the ER. i now follow that advice.

Dr who
A number of things can cause you to feel this way but you need to see your MD to pin point them and get the right RX

you need to go to the doctor.
you are fatigue [tell them that] and any other things that happen

I would go to see a doctor if I were you, because those headaches sound like migraines to me, and those can be fairly serious sometimes.

Your headache sounds serious enough that you should seek medical attention. The worst headache ever and blurred vision could just be a migraine and those really kick your butt. On the other hand if it is something even more serious then you are up the creek without a paddle to put it nicely if you choose to not see a doctor.

By the way, there is a wonderful migraine medicine out there that will change your life if you do get regular migraines and the docs know about it so go get some help ok?

future fate
It sounds like you have migraines or stress headaches.
chiropractic care can help it get much better. The medical doctor can do tests (which are almost ALWAYS normal) but not anything to help the problem.
Get a good Chiropractor off an HMO list - they are the best.

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