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 When I roll my eyes it feels like maybe the muscles around my eyes hurt?
It's not my eyes that hurt but maybe the muscles around it? Kind of like a headache?? I am sick with a cold, but why is this so?...

 I have a sharp pain my left ribs now and then i'm quite worried can you help?

 Barely walking, eating, or sleeping.?
This question isn't really about me. It's about my friend. She can barely walk because she is having really severe pains in her low abdomen area. She has loss of appetite. She can't ...

 What are some really effective pain killers? Better than Ibuprofen and paracetamol!?
Had an operation and the after pain is beyond agony!

They gave me a special pain killer but it doesn't work at all really!

Im on ibuprofen and paracetamol but again this ...

 Im sooo scared! Do sixth grade shots hurt?! How many do I get?! Im sooo scared!?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I get my shots for 6t grade on Friday. Is there a way I can make it hurt less? What about afterwards? Is it sore? PLEASE HELP!...

 Massive Migraines!?
Knowing the BRIGHT computer screen isn't helping, I'll make it quick...

I've had massive migraines/throwing up because so every day for the last week. I was taking ...

 My body is KILLING ME. Please help!?
im in the process of trying out for volleyball. and my abs and the rest of my body is on fire. Is there anything i can do to soothe the pain quickly? I cant be this sore tomorrow. cause it will kill ...

 doesn't restless leg syndrome sound made up to you?

 My mom's back hurts.?
She hurt her back trying to pick up plastic in a squatting weird position. It hurts for her to get up and down or round her back. She's fine when she's up and she's fine when she'...

 Is there anyything I can take for my period pains?
I have real painful period pains and today at school it was annoying because of it. I like in the UK and are looking around for things to help with it so I can go to school without feeling really ...

 Is it right for my sons teacher to be poking him in the chest and lead him forcfully by the arm?
my son is eight years old and a teacher has being poking him in the chest as she has been talking to him and grabbing his arm hard putting him into line or through doors is he being manhandled?...

 What is the most painful household incident you can think of?
Because I just stepped on an upturned plug!!! ouch!!!...

 Pain in Right Arm... Typing Too Much?
Okay. So I'm 16 years old. And I type normally 80+wpm (Words Per Minute). I've been typing since I was around 8 years old. I usually type about 8-15 hours a day. School and home. Here ...

 Why do i get severe leg cramps every night?
I have ...

 URGENT! RIGHT NOW! P A I N F U L!! I have a huge headache/migraine and no medicine. What should i do!?
OWWWW!THe lights and sounds here are unavoidable! Right this second, my head is pouding like crazy....

 Dizzy when I stand up fast?
I get super dizzy and I lose my vision for around 5-10 seconds. Sometimes I get a minor headache that lasts 5 minutes. This happens all the time. My mother believes I'm fine but I'm ...

 Why Do We Feel Pain ? Ehh?

 Should I go to the doctor?
Okay so for about a week I've been having the worst headaches ever. I've taken advil, allergy medicine, and ibuprofen and it still hasn't gone away. I've also been experiencing ...

 I think I've thrown my back out, any suggestions?
I can't go to the chiropractor (too expensive) and I've already been to the doctor once, is all he did was give me a bunch of RX meds, but I still have a lot of pain and cannot take those ...

 How to get rid of a Calf Cramp?
What are some ways i can get rid of a calf cramp? i have had this calf cramp since i had football tryouts today and how do i get rid of it? it only happens when i flex my muscle tightens up and feels ...

Question about Vicodin and Ibuprofen... HELP!?
I think I made a really bad mistake.. I was at my boyfriend's house tonight and I had a really bad migraine, so he gave me 3 advil to take.. I'm pretty sure it was around 9pm. When I got home, because I'm still on Vicodin for my wisdom teeth extraction -- I take it before I go to bed.. I took it when I got home and I completely forgot that I had taken the Ibuprofen just a couple of hours ago (I got home at around 1).... is this really bad???

Whoa looks like your all drugged up. How exciting

Jesus C
no just try not to do it again. you shouldn't take the vicodin unless ur actually in pain

Warhol Fan
LOL, DO NOT WORRY ONE TINY LITTLE OUNCE! You will be fine, and it will do absolutely nothing! And I'm sure it was just like a 5mg Vico. The very most is MIGHT do is upset your stomach, but no really dont even spend a second about worrying... And (BTW) dont listen to what people say, Take the Vicodin whenever you wanna feel good, they are great, not as good as Percocet, but they are O.K.! I hope my advice helped. V i n n i e M.

Dr who
no you are safe it's been about 4 hours and most people take a Tylenol with a vicodin if it is regular strength anyway.

I would not go out anywhere, just lay down and relax. Just be cautious of any side effects. I think that if you relaxed for a bit and than went to sleep you should be fine.

Dr. Anthony
Ibuprofen does not produce psychoactive effects. I would not consider the fact that you took it negative, but I would avoid taking anymore for the rest of the night. Vicodin produces depressent/euphoric effects, but ibuprofen should not affect it.

I was a pill popper for 15 years trust me when I say you will be fine. Eat a banana or some yoghurt to layer the stomach but with the space in between the doses it is ok. You should have just taken the Vicodin that will help the headache. BTW I took Ibuprofen for 3 months this year and got a peptic ulcer and was admitted to hospital so please try to stick to plain old paracetomal.

When did you take the vicodin? That is powerful stuff and should have done the job. I wouldn't combine any more meds then what the doctor told you to take.

Not at all. Don't worry about it, just go to sleep.

it won't do anything to you... when the doc gave me vicodin for my toothache i accidentally took my moms double dose vicodin for her hip surgery and nothing happened to me except a ride on cloud nine....

not a problem, they actually prescribe vicaprofen, which is both together in one pill. I have had it for my shoulder injuries for years. just don't drive. you may have a little upset stomach. It will go away by morning.

Nah, you'll just be feeling really awesome. I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially since you didn't take it all at once.

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