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Pain in Right Arm... Typing Too Much?
Okay. So I'm 16 years old. And I type normally 80+wpm (Words Per Minute). I've been typing since I was around 8 years old. I usually type about 8-15 hours a day. School and home. Here recently my hands are becoming very stiff whenever I try to bend my fingers and they shake a bit when bending them. I've got this really sore pain running up through my right arm. Could this be from excessive typing or is it something more?

I don't want any criticism about my excessive typing.


Sounds weird sorry I have no imput

of course. all you need is some basic gymnastic moves for your arms.


Between the Two of Us...
Same. except I type about 200 words per minute.

I'm 120WPM, typing since I was 5 (Early reader/writer), and I don't experience this.
Try taking the screwdriver that impaled your shoulder out.

sounds like you might have carpal tunnel, its not serious but you need to go to the docter to see what they can do for you.

You need to get checked out for carpal tunnel syndrome. It's from repetitive motion. Or you need to get better support for your wrists.

I would look into it, if you are typing this much then it is possible you have something wrong, especially if this is a constant pain. Ask your doctor or look on Webmd

I think 8-15 hours of your arms and fingers moving per day is nothing to do with the pain. As long as you get rest, stop typing for 10-15 mins to relieve muscles in your arms and fingers. i am not sure how long you should stop moving and manage to relax. but i am sure that human clock will tell you when your arms and fingers are getting uneasy. that is the alert for you to stop and relieve the stress. you may use what the basget ball players using during their match like fingers tubes, magnetic bracelet, phiton to improve blood circulation over arms.

in my personal opinion, you should probably take a 2-3 day break from most typing, or at least cut back a little for a weak.

of coarse if this is not possible find alternative, or ask a doctor

Carpal Tunnel.

Go to the doctor to have it checked out.

Certainly your typing can cause overuse syndrome, but you describe joint pains and pain running up your arm.

If there is any swelling, redness or heat of the joints, you must consider the presence of inflammation.

If the pain radiating is sharp, or electrical in character, you may have irritation or inflammation of a nerve.

Aside from that, it would be wise to take a break each 20-30 minutes for thirty seconds of arm exercises.

I saw a clever treatment technique, using your typing skills and modifying them. hit your keys in clusters, without resting your hands or fingers firmly on the computer rest or keys. pretend you are playing a musical instrument, using different digits to hit the various keys as you place your hands to type different clusters, or syllables.

Don't be afraid to massage your arms and hands to relax the overly tense muscle groups. It will not slow you down as much as the pain does.

Be aware that significant injury can occur from overuse syndromes, and surgery is occasionally required. Prevention is the best treatment.

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