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I am what I am
Needles, IVs, and anything that has to do with a pointy thing :)?
I cant stand needles. Heres a picture: Once I kicked a doctor in the stomach! I shouldnt be proud but when I look back I think its funny. Anyway. I cant stand em and im deathly afraid. How do I stop this?

IV's. I havent had any YET and I dont want any. Do these hurt? And where do they put them? I heard they put it right where the beggining of your hand is (YIKES) and where your 'elbow pit' as my sister calles them is. (LOL) anyways I cant stand anything being injected in me WHAT DO I DO!

P.S. I know this childish for those of you who will tell me that.

xx sam xx
they put the iv on top of your hand. no it doesn't hurt that bad. just tell yourself that this is helping you the next time your afraid to get a shot or something.

Why are you worried about IVs? If your healthly you'll be fine.

And when I was in kindegarten I was sick with menigitis and had to have 4 huge needles poked in my back and a IV. I'm in seventh grade now and still afraid of them. So don't worry. IVs are just like needles though, they get poked in your arm above the wrist. And it attaches to a pole you walk with.

A needle stick will never kill you. Just look at it that way. There are many other very serious things that can really hurt you and a needle is not one of them.
Usually the painfull part is wat they would be injecting into you med's are the stingers.
So really buck-up and don't make the Medical Doc's and nurses job harder than it has to be.

I'm the same.

A little while back I had to give some blood samples for testing, when they put the needle in I got really dizzy, turned white and felt incredibly sick - I hate the feeling of something going into my body, no matter what it is, especially when it involves a doctor.

No it isnt childish and I have three kids who even as teenagers really don't like needles. My youngest does an extreme sport and over the last two years has been in hospital more than he has been out (and no I don't really like it or approve but he wont give the sport up as it is his passion). If you have the need to have an iv then you need to speak clearly to the doctors and nurses as if they know what they are doing it really doesnt hurt. Ask for the gel that they can put on the back of your hand in fact insist on it and the last time my son had to have an iv in the doctor told him to give a cough. When he coughed the doctor put the needle in and he didnt even feel it.

the needles go where they need to put them...not always they go on the hands...they also put them in the bend of the arm...my mom had them put in her neck because the veins collasped in the other places...yes it does hurt some not bad..unless you have what they call rolling veins then it does hurt really bad...its must be a man thing because my husband is the same way...its not that bad I have had a few...there is no easy way to get use to it unless you have to have them alot...the only way...

pet owner
i had an iv last week and it was put in the back of my hand and it does hurt, i also bruised. this is what i say to the nurse i don't want to see it and don't tell me what your about to do. just do it while i'm looking the other way. it seem like it doesn't hurt as bad because i'm not tensed up.

‚ô•‚ô•CaNdY kIsSeS‚ô•‚ô•
I hate them too!! And im almost 18!!!

The last time I had a shot I was 18, they needed to draw some blood from me, and I sat there in the office and literally attempted to talk the nurse out of sticking the needle in my arm, granted, she did go through with it. My mom hates needles too and she's 43. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

The only time I ever had an IV was when i was 5 and i got my tonsils out, and they stuck the IV in me while I was still under anesthesia so that was all good.

get some therapy if its really that bad i mean i hated gettin shots as a CHILD but i matured as every normal person does. If you havent grown out of that or you just have a strange mental problem then you need some sort of council or therapy.

Big Girls Dont Cry
I've had iv's over a dozen times...it's not as bad as you think it is.My 10yr old daughter even had to have an iv once and she never cried nor does she cry when she gets shots.You'll be okay if the time comes and you have to have one.

Janet T
After having 2 kids, and dealing with a bleeding kidney, which it took doctors about 1 & 1/2 yrs to diagnois, I have had my fair share of needles and IV's. I just turn my head away, don't look, and focus on something else. Think about what you have to do later in the day, think of a funny story you heard. Its all in the power of the mind.

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