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My sister is pain, what should i do?
My sister is in really bad pain, she has a really bad pain in the lower part of her stomach, she cant stand up straight he says it hurts to much. you can see it in her face that's she is in pain. we are the only two in and i don't know what to say to her, or what she should do. any advice ?

What i would do is go to a doctor. I would do ANYTHING to help her. You could go to a specialist on stomach pains. Go around the world, or sumthing...

Laura N
i had the same problem. go to your regular doctor if you can get in today, that's probably best. if you can't get in, then call your doctors emergency number and ask if you should go to the hospital. when it was me, there were a number of different things it could have been: liver,gallbladder, kidneys, appendix, the list goes on.

go see a doctor

i would go see a doctor right away! it could mean she needs to get her appendix out, theres many possibilities!

Umm.. maybe take some pain-killer pills and see if it helps

free spirit
Does she have cramps, if so Advil

Jake Monroe
Your sister might be having problems with her appendix. i had a problem like that a while ago, went to the emergency room and got it taken out. i suggest you do the same

it could be a stomach ulcer
or try this...

Mutha Onkled
I think I know what's wrong, you can read about it here: http://traumacentergame.wikia.com/wiki/Savato

i would take her to the hospital right away. something isn't right. if it hurts that's one thing, but if you can't stand up... that's pretty bad. If you can't pick her up, call an ambulance. It could be a tumor or a disease.

if you have any trustworthy neighbors that you can go to, ask them for help. if they tell you that it is serious, take her to the doctor or the emergency room! It sounds though to me that it is her appendix. i would just skip the trouble of asking the neighbor and take her to the hospital. Call a parent as soon as you get to the hospital and tell them what is going on.

Call her doctor or a doctor. I wouldn't pick asking here as a great choice.

Thats showbiz kid!
call for help

have her take some ibuprofen.
then lay down with a hot pad on the area it hurts.
if the hot pad doesn't work, have her lay on a pillow. stomach down.

pick up the phone right now and call emergency...do it first

Kailani G
take her to a doctor

call someone that can help

♥ BELL♥ is a BAD Girl ♥
she should go to the HOSPITAL so that they can take a look @ her. No one on Y/A can evaluate her, she needs to be seen by a doctor.

Hannah N
take her to the doctor..if this isnt possibe u should at least call the doctor, it could be very dangerous.

Go to the Emergency Room right now.

go to the doctor and checkk it out asap! it could be serious

go to the hospital

Have her lay flat on the floor and breathe deep, call the ambulance and have her go straight to the hospital.

What side of her lower stomach?! sounds like appendicitis..GO THE THE ER!

Mary O
I am going to assume that you llive with your parents. If so, call one of them and ask them to come home right away. This could be serious. If they cannot be contacted, then call another relative.

Get her to a doctor. It could be something serious.

Julia and Ellie
It could be her appendix or (maybe) stomach cancer... I'm not a doctor, but it sounds pretty serious, so call one!

can you call your mom to let her know. if it's bad enough call an ambulance! don't let your sister suffer

Is she constipated? When was the last time she had a bowel movement? Being constipated can cause extremely severe lower abdominal pains and you may not even being able to stand up straight. If she hasn't gone to the bathroom for 2 or 3 days, I suggest you pick up some MiraLAX for her to help her go to the bathroom. Either that or a home enema. If you don't know what MiraLAX looks like or what an enema is, links below.



However, going to the hospital is a very good thing to do right now. It could be something other than constipation, but if it is constipation, the docs can give her MiraLAX or do an enema procedure there.

maybe you guys should go to the emergency room

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