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 Migraine relief without medication?
I have a migraine right now, since last night, and woke me several times during the night. The only medication I can take is tylenol (which I've been taking every 6 hrs with minor relief) ...

 I'm going to have mine done soon so I want to know, do blood tests hurt?

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 I have an Upset Stomach?
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 I hurt my leg . What should I do?
I think it was cause I might of pulled something because I hadn't danced all summer. Should I put heat on it ? Should I be walkin it out or letting it rest

 ny head hurts... need a pill, do you know a good one?
and panadol, aspirin do not work with me
and i don't do weed of cocaine......

 I've been really stressed out lately..?
I've been really stressed out lately. Can stress make your jaw hurt?...

 eyes hurting with water!!!!!!!!
i wash my face twice a day, and i hav found that when i flush them with water, my eyes start to feel very painfull like needles stabbing in the corners. nothing seems to work for them, even eyedrops. ...

 HElp! my arm is weird!!?
My arm is suddenly weird.


it kinda shakes and it feels ticklish
I cannot grab stuff properly! It's Not numb.


 Can playing a flute damage your ears?
Im just wondering i've been playing my flute for 2 years now at my high ...

 sharp pain in stomach helpp!?
if i push on my stomach at all i get a weird pain like really sharp and it some how goes up to my chin and for some reason i've been bloated as well, any ideas as to what this is?...

 What's the best way to treat a sore wrist?
I play tennis a lot, and I've been playing a lot more than usual lately. Now, I have a sore write. What are some good ways to treat it? I've tried icing it, but it's still very sore. <...

 help!! i'm in horrible pain!! :(?
well today i was nailing some wood (long story) and i was bending down....when i got back up the left side of my lower back felt excruciating pain!! it hurts when i sit, stand up, walk....anything!! ...

 guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
I didn't mean to kill him, but he got on my ****...

 why does my back always hurt when i bend over?

 Why do legs ache after exercise?
I am 35 yr old female and have been exercising for the past 6 weeks, walking for an hour 4-5 times a week and also walking on treadmill for 20-30 minutes. But for the past few days my legs are aching ...

 how do i stop cutting myself?
i started cutting myself when i was 11 cuz i was extremely self- conscious about my weight. When i realized that cutting wasn't helping a lot, i started to be bulimic. Then i went back to ...

 Can marijuana help my migraines?
I've heard that studies support weed as a cure for migraine headaches, but I've also heard that weed can intensify the pain if it's the wrong strain. I've tried all sorts of ...

 I took 4 Vicodin, what can I expect?
I took 4 Vicodin 500's, when I only meant to take 3. I weigh 245lb. Not fat, muscle since I'm 6' tall.
Before you start hounding me about drug abuse, I have severe ...

 Pain meds?
i have to get my wisdom teeth out, and pain killers make me really sick to my stomach if i don't eat a full meal. obviously i wont be able to eat a big meal once i get them out so what is the ...

My neck hurts! How can i get rid of the pain? Please help!?
When I woke up this morning and turned my head to look at the clock I felt a horrible pain in the left side of my neck. Now whenever i tilt or turn my head to the left, it hurts. My right shoulder is higher than the left and my head is tilted to the right when i am standing. I need this to go away by tomorrow i have a basketball game! PLEASE HELP!

get a bj

See a Palmer-graduated Chiropractor or Naturopath. You very likely have what's called a "1st-Rib Syndrome", caused by that head-turn at just a wrong moment. Don't do any sports or exercises till it is properly cared for.

A good D.C. or N.D. can solve the problem in one visit; don't be 'sold' ten visits! No pain-pills or muscle relaxers will help; it is a mechanical problem (a block) & it can cause more problems.

Stop stomach-sleeping.

It goes away.You just slept on your neck wrong next time be sure to sleep on it right :) take some pain killers >tylenol

You slept bad, just put an ice patch or get a massage and make sure you don't sleep in a position where you could hurt it again...

this happens to me a lot.
no i am not a doctor to start off.
secondly, you may want to see one
normally when this happens to me, i assume it is just a pulled muscle. I take a hot shower.. it seems to help the pain.. and try my hardest not to make my neck hold the weight of my head.. meaning i lay down a lot and try to hold my neck still.. usually it is better by 1-2 days

i would advise NOT playing basketball tomorrow :(

you can also look on webmd, perhaps they can help

aleve helps a lot or advil!

i had the same problem this morning, but its on the right. i had my sister massage my neck and now its just a dull pain but i can turn my neck.


do some nice slow neck rolls and long easy stretches - it would help if you have a muscle stick or other type of massager to use too - but the stretches are the best thing - you'll have to go slow and easy.

Deep Thinker
Alternate hot and cold compresses.Go to the chiropractor.As for the game tomorrow I would use caution.If it keeps hurtin bad just go to the doc.

it sounds as if you slept in the wrong position. i have found that laying in the fetal position is the best position to sleep in; but to each their own. I have been told by a doctor that the only position to sleep in is flat on your back. when you wake with back pain, stretching is a good relief. asperine, tylenol, or ibuprofin might help as well.

take a hot shower and some advil,also keep a hot cloth on your neck where it hurts.

~JeSiE MaRiE~
some ppl might think this is rediculous but it really works. get a long tube sock, put dry rice in it and tie it up good so u know nothing will fall out. then pit it in the microwave so that it gets warm and put it over whatever joint you feel is tense

Pink Tiger
Sounds like you slept awkward, if it isnt better by tomorrow, which it should be then get it checked out, but i dont think its anything to worry about. Just try not to move it to much.

Probably a good massage will work it out, it's just a tense muscle or something like that, but if it doesn't resolve itself by tomorrow, there are muscle creams that you can buy at walmart or drug stores that will numb the pain. Heating pads can work as well.

take an advil ar ibuprofen

Deep heat?

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