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edward cullen, <3
My jaw keeps locking? please help!thanks!?
Hey everyone, i'm 13 years old, and i'm having troubles with my jaw..
if i'm laying down, sometimes when i open my mouth, my jaw locks for a second, and i have to open wider, which causes a "pop" or cracking noise, and you can feel it.. it's gross. =(

Also, sometimes when i'm chewing gum, or talking, it happens too.
I think it's TMJ.

my dad said his friend had that kind of jaw problem, and he went to the doctor , and they have to break your jaw, and you have to get it wired shut so it heals properly. and you have to eat soup for like, 2 months.

Is that what they're going to do if i go to the doctors?
omg, aha..

if not, what will they do to help the problem?

i feel bad for your boyfriend or future boyfriend :o)

you could be getting lock jaw from something rusty that could of stabbed
you, like a nail or something, so i would say see a doctor and you might need a tetanus shot.. hope that helps at all.

good luck!

All I can say is.. you're every man's dream sweetheart. (except for the being 13 part of course...)

No seriously.. best thing you can do is go to a Doctor.. but if they talk about breaking your jaw.. get a second and third opinion.

good luck with that.

i don't know but if it is a serious problem you should go to the doctor

hmm sounds like you have lock jaw which is also tetanus =/ you need to go to the doctor it could get serious and if you do have lock jaw then the doctor will just give you a shot,

hope you feel better and that all is well


wow that sounds really uncomfortable... i don't really know what specfically they would do but it would probably be along those lines.

Nikki F
Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you, but I just wanted to say that I too have lived with this problem for years! Strangely, my mother and sister have both always had it too, for as long as I can remember. I know it can often be quite painful. I'm not sure if they'd actually break your jaw to fix it unless it was extremely, unbearably painful and made eating difficult, or unless you specifically requested to have it done. Normally doctors don't send you into surgery unless they really have to. To be honest, although it is uncomfortable to have the problem, it would probably be easier to live with it than to go through the surgery. The thing I am most curious about though what causes it to happen in the first place.

flower child
You probably just have TMJ. Do you have a lot of stress or problems with your teeth. Sometimes when people are stressed they grind their teeth at night while sleeping which causes TMJ. As well as teeth problems can cause grinding. Next time you go to the dentist tell him your problems, he might be able to help or refer you to someone who can help. Massage helps as well. There is a certain technique for alleviating pain from muscle tightness from TMJ. It really does work. Maybe call a spa to see if they could help you with a TMJ massage.

country chikky
i have a mate that has this and she goes to a massage therapist as she doesnt want surgery. If you go regular to the the chiro/massage you will see a massive difference im sure. Try this first before surgery is my advice

Liliana J
i am 13 too and had that same problem!! it stoped bout a month ago i didnt go 2 the doctoors or anything but just 2 be sure u might wanna get it checked out! :)

you do need to go to the doctor and get it checked out. I had a teacher who had a roommate who ended up with lock jaw and his mouth was stuck open. He drooled all over the place.

if you think its really bothering you then go to see the doctors

my friend had it where it pops bc she chewed too much gum. turns out she dislocated her jaw. she has to wear this really big retainer thing. she has to wear it for a year

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