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 guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
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My brother is hurtin all over, and its not normal for him..?
My brother woke up this morning and he says everything hurts..
and judging by the way he is "walking" around.. and the face he's making when he's not holding his head.. he's not kidding..

He did drink last night, but says "not much, just beer"
He has asthma, so I'm really rather worried.. he is breathing
kinda hard.

What could this be?

If he was drinking, he could be dehydrated. Alcohol will dehydrate people. He needs to drink plenty of liquids. If he doesn't feel better in a couple of days, then he should see a doctor.

harry e
either meningitis or mono or a really bad hangover or maybe he got his *** wooped last night how old is he.

Kim k
Probably nothing to worry about, either he overdid the drinking or is coming down with the flu. But with the asthma he should be seen by his doctor or in an urgent care clinic and the sooner the better.If he is coming down with the flu, if he catches it very early he can get a shot to minimize the symptoms and duration.

ღ*Pink Cat *ღ
A hangover.

cally l
Hospital ASAP NOW

rebecca k
did he fall over or anything ? get in a fight? it could just be a result from a boozey night but i'd get him to the doc just in case
if it was cold where he was he could have a chill which normally results in back and muscle pain

Natty F
dont try to guess or take out word for it!
go to the doctor asap

Emmanuel M
He could have the beginning of a heart attack , which can be avoid it by resting and call the doctor about his breathing because if he suffer with asthma he needs Ventolin and aslso the gas an air mask ,and this he get by going to the clinic.

**lelands mommy**
i would say he should go to the hospital

Snow Man
Call the doctor and say it is urgent.

If he faints, hyperventilates, has heart problems etc; then call the ambulance!

Pick me for best answer!!
Hurting all over is not normal for anyone. Call a doctor!

Where I live.. Barbados, this news reporter died this week because of asthma. It put him in a coma from which he never recovered. Get help.

hes might have an allergic reaction..get him to the doc..or hospital now..or just give him a coold shawer and gaterade...

Maybe he needs to call the doctor. If he hurts all over it could be the flu, but his best bet is to see a doctor, it concerns me that he is having trouble with his breathing.

he has either fallen over , or he is gettin the flu , were your body just aches all over

best to see the doc

he needs help.take him to a doctor.

Candace B
most doctors offices and even hospitals have a number you can call to talk to a nurse for free and you can tell the nurse whats wrong and she will let you know if she/he thinks you should got to the emergency room. I have called my doctors office a few times and even my sons doctors office and they always give me the best advise.

It could be anything from a hangover to the flu. Tell him to rest up and drink plenty of fluids and if he doesn't feel better by tomorrow he might want to get checked out.

An allergic reaction? Asthma attack? A stroke? The Flu? He should see a doctor.

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