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My body is KILLING ME. Please help!?
im in the process of trying out for volleyball. and my abs and the rest of my body is on fire. Is there anything i can do to soothe the pain quickly? I cant be this sore tomorrow. cause it will kill me. i want the fastest relief possible..thanks!

Daniel M.
go to sleep it ealxes you and wen your sore it means your muscles are growing so if you sleep your body isnt active so it uses that to make muscles stronger so go to sleep and tommrow youll probably be okay

Alice (:
try Deep Heat, its like a gel.
helps & soothes muscle pain.
i think there is an alternative freezing cold gel that does the same thing; i don't quite remember that name.
sure it would be easy to find though.

good luck (:

ha same thing happened to me for track (my coach was a former marine NO LIE!) use ice it worked for me and try to relax a little. also during practice don't do everything halfway you will get used to it after a while

Lay flat on the floor and put your feet up on the wall. Put a bag of ice on your abs. This will help to clear up some of the lactic acid that builds up in your body.
Take your body weight and divide it by half. That's the minimum amount of water in ounces you should be drinking everyday. So if you weight 100 pounds, you should drink at least 50 oz of water. The more the better though.
Eat a lot of protein. It helps rebuild your muscles and gives you energy.
Also, there's no substitute for good stretching. Always stretch before and after you practice.

Ice bath. they are used by a lot of athletes and runners. the benefits are great and make you feel good after ans the speed recovery. click the link it tels you all about them.. yes the ice bath is cold and can be intolerable but if you can sit through it you will see the good results. and another suggestion... relax....

Sorry to tell you but if this just started today, then you are going to be even more sore tomorrow.

Always stretch before and after. Really stretch. Spend at least 5 minutes on it.
Take a shower of hot/cold/hot/cold.
Take ibuprofen.
Use some kind of sport gel like Ben Gay or Tiger balm.

A little bit of ibuprofen can help ease the inflammation and make you feel better.

u could try thoz icy hot patchez.. kinda expensive but they work :)

Integra Type R
Ibuprofen and protein.

ice ice ice

Unfortunately, sore muscles are sore muscles. They will be sore for a while. There is no way to make all the pain go away by tomorrow unless you numb your whole body (and then you won't be able to use it for volleyball!) I suggest taking some Advil/Ibuprofen in the morning and maybe using some Icy Hot.
Hope you do well in your tryouts!

do a lot of stretching. Before and after working out or being really active. Not only will it help you to be less sore but it'll make sure that your body will get used to being active. In the mean time, use ice and heat pads
(or icy-hots but they're pretty intense).

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