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 ny head hurts... need a pill, do you know a good one?
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My back is killing me!?
Well yesturday I was walking around the city and this morning I woke up and from my mid back and a little lower it hurts so badly when I walk or bend over. So .. does anybody know any stretches or anything to help? Thanks

Poor you

that back pain might be menstrual back pains, it will go away after a few days.

icy hot

Rest, keep it warm and try to stretch it gently; you will be fine soon

You have knots in your back, just massage them out
and use Tiger Balm

my mom has had a back surgery and so you should get 1

Orthopedic mattress.


icy hot & aleve
^ my cure (:

Back strengthening exercises. I do them every day, and they make the back stronger, and less suseptible to injury. Try this site:

So Lost
I dont know how bad is bad to you. last time time i woke up in pain wear i could not bend over was when i had a kidny infection. really bad pain the slightes movment hurts really bad. its possibal you have one. you probaly cry if you ha one. Thats how bad it hurts. it ant nothing compared to a pulled muscle

#1 Johny Reid fan
do not use heat it will take the pain away but it will come back there is something swollen o make pain like that so use ice it will take the swelling down therefore get rid of the pain perm..

get a massage.

i had the same problem but it got so bad i couldn't sit upright. i went to my doctor and physical therapist. they ended up popping a dislocated bone back into place... with supposedly made me more symmetrical...but that didn't help with the pain

so i went and got a massage... and my back doesn't hurt anymore

Only Mama Knows
My husband has a bad back. He uses ice to help at night and also goes to a therapist who gives him exercises to help strengthen his back.

thats bad,.... buy a wheelchair

Try getting a Tens machine, they really help, I have sclorosis and lordicis and they work wonders on my spine.

Take something like aleve or motrin and try a heating pad or a shower as hot as you can stand it on your back. And just rest. If it is not better in a few days see a dr.

Check with your physician first.

Try yoga if the doc says ok.

well i think you muscles may be sore form you walk, the best thing i think would be aleve and a little rest

flaming brownie
yes stretch! bend over touch your knees, then toes, then floor. Then lay on your back, extend your arms above your head, then point your toes, and feel your back stretch. keep for 20 seconds, 5 times.

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