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My Dad's in pain, can you guys help?
My dad worked for hardware stores for a long time. He stopped about 5 years ago, but while working, he broke his back eternally. Some days he's in a good mood, and some days, he feels horrible. Because of this, he had surgery twice. Now his knees are hurting and Im really scared that he might need surgery again. Are there any kinds of therapies or comforties that can help him? ( you don't have to put down "seeing a doctor" for an answer, because he already does )

hate to tell ya this, but his docs need to coordinate his care so that he feels better overall;; if he cannot support his trunk (bent over), this will truly affect his knees & make them worse;; you can try getting him a walker (preferably with front wheels & absolutely NO crutches);; he NEEDS to be exercising to help strengthen the muscles he has..so a regular program is IMPERATIVE for him..take into consideration his trunk & his lower extremities...making the muscles stronger helps reduce the wear on the joints..spine included;; he needs to tone down on using steps & only use them as he HAS TO;; aquatics would be a therapy to seek out & this needs to be in a pool conducive to his therapy (warm pool, not a public pool);; he should be already set up with pain management..if not, a referral should be required from his neurologist;; but he seriously needs to also learn back mechanics..get into a PT program & KEEP IT...& reduce the stresses on his knees..hope this helps..but these docs he has need to coordinate his care a little better than what he's doing..& your dad needs to participate..daily!! good luck!!

To be honest I would advise him to try cannabis, I wouldn't be able to walk without it in conjunction with prescribed pain killers.

Take him to nature path fission.

for knees dnt worry if he wraped them with a fabric band fr like 5 weeks he will feel better for his back try to do some messages to him (knoding,kneading for some time and i wish he will turn better )

ugh super ugh super ugh super
cinnamon is a natural pain killer, best in tablets though because its a bit much to eat that much cinnamon on its own

I would suggest to perhaps interact with him more. Reaching out to each other in a family is very important. It really helps a lot in solving any emotional feeling that may come along in anyone in the family. It could also develop a way for him to open up on what he constantly feels. :-)

Harrison Lee
u dont need any just make him have company and make him relax put on some music

He has to walks a lot. Pain in the knees is because of weak muscle of thigh. He has to build up his thigh the way to become stronger. by walking and running.
Acupuncture will relive the pain for a while, but it is not solution.
I hope he'll get better very soon.

Hesham Ellisy
Well we cant help you here because we could give you wrong suggestions that could make it worse the best thing is to tell the doctor about it maybe he will give him some pills to ease the pain

Matthew Summers
maybe a heating pad hope your dad feels better

Agreed, cannabis. It's all natural and it works wonders.

Tai Chi really helps!

medicinal marijuana

Try Pilates or get a physiotherapist if not already , I had a bad muscle problem in my hip it's cured with Pilates and swimming.

Tom C

Knee pain can be caused by how they are used most of the time. A big cause is hyper-extending them or locking them when standing. The other cause can be from not using the muscles correctly when climbing stairs. For all that I have learned read the articles by Dr. Bookspan.

Try to use relaxing remedies like warm baths when he's in pain or anything really that eases the nerves. I wish your dad the best.

i have arthritis of the spine ,and sometimes(quite often)i just cannot move,i found that when really bad a good,long soak in a hot bath,and using an all night electric underblanket to sleep on,both help me.sometimes i have have to use a walking stick to move about as i findmy back/leg muscles too painfull, another thing is i do not sit or remain in the one position for more than half an hour then i get up and move about to keep the muscles from going into spasm ,i was told in 1983 i wouldend up in a wheelchair ,lately i was told bt medics that by doing the above i have prevented myself from being wheelchair bound
and to carry on doing what i have been doing.because of medication taken in the past for the arthritis my stomach is rotten with ulcers and have now been taken of the arthritis medication to try andget my stomach back into good health ,life can be hard and i also have good and bad days depending on how bad the aches and pains are.
good luck to your father he will need it,as no one can really help him,
and clear up his health problems

chantal m
I am an orthopedic nurse and worked with patients that had spinal surgeries for 8 years. Unfortunately no surgical intervention is a cure, and in some rare cases they would be left with signifigant pain afterwards. Most of those cases have had some kind of problems with irritation of the spinal nerves (each vertebrae has a sensory and a motor nerve coming out the side) ...

He needs to see a pain specialist. All the suggestions would help a person to cope with pain ie baths, massage etc but do little to solve or treat the root of the problem. His doctor needs to refer him to a chronic pain specialist. He will prescribe medication that would allow to function better and recondition his back so that he can live a normal life. He will not need them forevor but he needs better pain control right now to lead a normal life. People who suggest he needs nothing but love and support have never had chronic pain or seen someone suffer with debilitating chronic pain.

He needs a nerve pain medication ... Pregabalin and Gabapentin are the two top ones though with nerve pain meds it takes a while for them to work Pregab a couple of days and Gabapentin a couple weeks.

Chin up and way to support your dad. He will get through this but he needs a special doctor to help with his special needs.

hope this helps.


To be honest I would advise him to try cannabis, I wouldn't be able to walk without it in conjunction with prescribed pain killers.

Your Dad needs to see a pain management specialist. I've had chronic pain for the past 18 years and have had 2 surgeries. I've accepted the fact that I may never be pain free, but once I chose to have my pain managed I am able to make it through the day. Not treating the pain is more harmful than taking medicine for it, in my opinion. Most doctors will not, or cannot, aggressively treat chronic pain. Your Dad has to contact a pain management specialist, even if he has to travel to find one. Good luck and hang in there!

Relaxing stuff, like hot baths, jacuzzi, steam room, massages by a professional.

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