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Migraines. How do you overcome them?
I frequently suffer migraines and always thought caffeine made them worse. A short while ago I saw a TV doctor say caffeine helps them? I have a really bad head right now and wondered what people thought about caffeine, and what people do that can help make the migraine more bearable. Your help would be much appreciated.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but my brother use to get migraines so bad we wouldnt see him for a couple days he would just sleep and sleep. Finally he went to the dr and they sent him to the eye dr and he needed glasses. Never had a migraine again.

Ok I have suffered Migraines since i was a yong tucker ( from 10 years of age ) .. I have I think just found the answer to stopping them... First if you are taking heavy meds or pain killers you have to come off them as you are most likely addicted to them which in the end will always bring on Migraines due to your body needing them. I now have been taking apple cider vinger ( which thins the blood and helps blood cirulation) Poor blood cirulation is another reasons for migraines. Oh and apple cider vinger is not just good for Migraines ..as I also take it for acid reflux ..it also keeps nasty colds away as is great for protecting you from most cancers ( no side affects ..3 shots aday mixing it with water ) . You might have a problems with Caffine ..I dont drink any coffe and tea and stick to herbal tea... I love my coffes and tea but i had to decide coffe + tea = Migraine ... or No migraine but no tea or coffe. To much sugar and choclate can also cause them so try your best not to have them. if you can and you will notice a masive diffrence... So for your question... doctors know not much if anything about health ...only how to prescribe pills .. A doctor also told me to drink coffe when i sufferd a Anxiety nevours disorder with these Migraines.... which in the end made me a nervour wreak ..first the Migraines went away but when i did not have my coffe or my pills they would come back right away. Drinking around 2.5 l of water a day with lots of exercise ..like 1/2 hr walks and light weight training can also help as this again will help you keep that blood pumping... ohh and things like red bull, v,s and coke ... wisky with mixers is also a no no ... Hoped I helped... If this does not work for you..you might want to find out if your feet are out of wack or you have spine, neck or back problems.

Keep a food diary for about a month and you may be able to detect what is triggering them. Make sure to note how many cups of tea or coffee you are consuming and note down also the times of day you are eating meals etc.

You'd be surprised at how easy you'll find the trigger, it can be something as simple as not eating late at night/or what you're eating late at night.

It might also be worth considering a visit to your optician just to check all is ok with your vision. The optician can also check of other underlying illnesses which may be the cause of the headaches.

Good Luck x

Apart from migralieve tablets I have found that drinking a hot cup-a-soup with a large spoonful of Garlic in it, thins the blood and helps to reduce the effects of the headache. As usual when I get an attack I then follow this by retreating to a quiet, dark room, to sleep till it completely goes away. Think the reason it works is because some small blood vessel in the back of the head is effected during migraine attacks and this helps with flow. (read it somewhere years ago).

Caffeine is a common ingredient in many prescription and over-the-counter headache medications. Caffeine additives make pain relievers 40% more effective in treating headaches. Caffeine also helps the body absorb headache medications more quickly, bringing faster relief. By adding caffeine and, in turn, taking less medication, you can reduce the risk for potential side effects and possible drug addiction.

normally a diet issue... keep a food diary for a fortnight and note everything you eat and narrow down what the problem food is! my problem was cheese, although the migraines stopped when I was around 21...

Have you been to a neurologist? I have had migraines for over 6 years. Caffeine can trigger a migraine as it constricts the blood vessels -which is the pulsing feeling - however, sometimes when I start to get a headache I drink coke to help alleviate a headache. Not sure how it works or why - but my pain med has acetaminophen in it and thats the first thing I reach for..Are you normally a caffeine drinker? If not then I would try and see how it works for you. If you are like me, then I just drink it anyway. Hope that helps!

Hon, you really don't overcome them but you can learn to make migraines more manageable. I have had migraines since age 11, and been through a load of different treatments over the years and can tell you that it takes a really great doctor to help you with this problem Yes, caffeine can help but not in massive quantities. You have to recognize symptoms of migraine before it starts rolling out of control in order for caffiene to be effective. Here is a website that I refer to for information that has a lot of valuable information: http://www.migraines.org
Make an appointment with your primary doctor or get a referral to a neurologist ASAP because you should not have to suffer with migraine pain. There are plenty of treatments out there but only a qualified doctor can assist you with finding which ones are right for you. I wish you luck.

For some people caffeine can cause migraines for others it can help. Strip lighting gives me migraines and I find coffee does help sometimes, at others nothing but lying on the floor of a pitch black room helps.

blue eyed devil
there is a small amount of caffeine in painkillers... but excessive amount of caffeine can cause migraines...... has your doctor not talking about different meds they can give you in case of an attack?

i swear by zomig... its part of the triptan family and will really help you, get the meltus ones prescribed as they work faster than the tablets.....

avoid cheese, alcohol, chocolate & MSG.

Fragile Rock
I had a stroke a few years ago and have been told that too much caffeine isn't good for me as it affects the blood flow. There may be a link with migraines too. Ask your gp for advice.

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