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Chemical Imbalance
Migraine symptoms?
Last night I had a horrible headache and felt nauseous that I couldn't sleep and finally after like 2 hours of being able to sleep, I wake up and I'm tossing around in bed and not being able to sleep because of a throbbing sensation in my head. So I went down and took some Tylenol PM and after 30min, I finally fell asleep. Is that a migraine? I'm only 16. But I mean, recently it's been really stressful for me and I've been crying for about 3 days and I'm not eating much because of it. Could that be the reason?

What can I do to prevent another? What can I do to relieve another one?

are you pregnant?

Sounds like migraine. Next time take two naproxen immediately at the onset. If that doesn't work you'll need to see a doctor for a prescription for one of the newer migraine remedies.

e k
Before you assume it is a migraine or any other headache, you should see a doctor (neurologist) and have an MRI of the brain done to exclude any other reasons for these symptoms.
Because you're having problems with nausea there are meds for that that are not as irritating to the stomach as ibuprofen, "advil", naproxen. If the headaches are related to your menses, there are some meds that may be helpful.
Don't self treat if you've been affected for three days. There are many alternatives that can get you through these migraines once they've been properly diagnosed.

Bonnie S
It sounds like a migraine. A migraine usually only goes away with rest. Bright light also makes a migraine worse. If you aren't eating and very stressed you could be sick from this. The other thing is also, have you been drinking enough fluids the past 3 days? If you aren't you can have these symptoms as well it is dehydration and can be very dangerous. If you feel this way again try pinching your skin and see if it stays in that shape or immediately goes back. If it doesn't immediately go back you are dehydrated. You need to drink fluids and if you are getting sick to your stomach go to the doctor you may need an IV of fluids. Don't mess with this it can be very serious. I wish you well and hope things get better for you soon.

What defines a migraine is your headache is sensitive to sound and light. If this is a returning thing you should see your doctor for the right prescription


212 Degree
Lack of food, Stress, not sleeping enough can all cause a headache...

Try eating a little even if you dont' feel like it, and mediate, read, exercise whatever to make you not so stress...

As for sleeping, this is a hard one... don't do too much before going to bed... Nice bubble bath, relaxing music, if you can get your mother to massage your back or rub your head could make fall asleep

I have suffered from migraines for many years. The signs that I have one coming on are the ol' "sparkly" vision, or (what I like to call) "crystal eyes". Imagine looking at everything through a kaleidoscope. The centre of my vision is clear; but all my peripheral vision is sparkly, or not there completely. (I've been driving, and completely lost my peripheral vision. NOT fun!)

My only hope (when I get these symptoms) is to be knocked out for twenty-four hours. Which means a trip to the doctor and an injection. Not pleasant; but the migraines (once they've got a grip) make me so sick and miserable, and they usually last for around three days. No point in taking tablets when I have a migraine... I have a spring-loaded stomach. Seconds after I take anything... BLURP... up it comes again. YUCK. And they usually last for around three days... three days of sheer hell. I'm not keen on the injections; but they do make the concrete nice an' soft and fluffy. I then go sleepy bye-byes and wake up feeling much better the next day.

If you think you may be suffering from migraines... you should see your doctor. They'll be able to differentiate between a "migraine" and a "stress headache".

I hope (for you sake) it's stress-related (and not a migraine). Wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.

Blake's Mommy
I know I have a migraine when it hurts to even blink. I have to keep my eyes closed and lay down and my head is throbbing pain. It is like a headache multiplied by like 100. I just take 3 ibuprofen for mine and tie a bandana tight around my head and try to sleep it off. My mom has to take the perscription Imitrex for her migraines since she gets them so often. I have been lucky and have only ever had 3.

I have migraine and I suffer and they happen on 1 side of your head or the other, you can have symptoms ranging from vision loss, numb hands, vomiting, sensitivity to light noise, and smells. you have flashes of light before your eyes, sweating
You can go to Web Md and get all the facts sounds like your headaches was a stress related I hope for your healths sake it was not a migraine feel better and take care of yourself

I'm all Advil.

: )

rose j
The best thing I found for migraines is Excerdrin for migraines

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