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any tips??? its the size of a ...

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 How to cure my are pain?
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 headaches:(help please?
get them @ lest 7 times a day now and my vision keeps blurring...its like a stabbing pain. not long had my eyes tested and its realy startin to worry me cuz i need to grab something to stop maself ...

 I cannot open the methadone bottle prescribed to me. It says to push down and turn, but will not turn at all.?
some of the directions at the top of the bottle are cut off....

Is there a way to stop a cold from getting any worse?
My throat and head hurts, and I can tell that I am catching a cold. Is there a way to keep it from getting worse?

My two cents
I never got rid of it until it was ready to do. Like a week or two later. Although I think the doctor can give u some anitbiotics. These commercials say if you buy this it'll get rid of it at the first sympton but the first sympton is often ignored like a itchy throat. and buy the time you buy something its too late. good luck and get plenty of rest. thats about all you can do, the rest is just temporary help.

Dark Utopist
start taking asprin before it gets any worse. Panadol cold and flu or something similar.

tom [confused.com]
Try your hardest to stay inside. Drink hot drinks and get alot of sleep. Take paracetamol if its get very bad.

treat it at an early age. As soon as you notice a little bit of the sniffles, take dayquil vitamin c, drink plenty of orange juice, and take nyquil for the evening

Rudy Tom
Take Coldees, trust me they work

Lisa G
Gargle with salt water for sore throat. (Do not swallow)
Rub Vicks on your feet before bed and put socks back on.
Buy Zicam Cold Remedy and it will shorten the length of cold.

Hope you feel better.

Best wishes

airborne, vitamin c, get plenty of rest and don't overdo it

Zycam!! You take it every 4-5 hours for three days straight. its a miracle worker!! I take it everytime i start getting a cold, and it stops the cold from getting worse! You still wont feel complete fine, but better than you would've without it!

~[{ The Perfect Drug }]~
Go get something called Zilacam @ your local drugstore like Walgreen's.

zicam echanacia and zind tablets will all help

Like the others go to a drugstore and get some medicine

Zi-cam nose swabs. They work wonders!!!

Cory P
Stay inside if you can, gargle water with salt to soothe your sore throat, and use a purifier, also eat chicken noodle soup and drink plenty vitaman c.

Golden Autumn Oomevarukh
What I do is treat it like an allergy. I take an over the counter anti histamine

Dick Cheney
Zicam Cold Remedy

Kim C

stay home for a dayand eat chicken soup. drink tea and take a vitamin c tablet

Drink alot of water, get tons of rest, and take coricidan cough and cold. It really helps, but it does make you sleepy so only take it when you can are able to sleep for a few hours.

Jia K
up your vit c to 1000mg per day

Try a cough suppressant and Halls.

if you eat a clove of garlic a day, it will build up your immune system and you wont have a cold for like a couple more years.
also try daily vitamins that have garlic in them.
also you can take vitamins regularly.
wash your hands more.
colds are caught from germs, the being outside in the cold will not give you a cold, thats a myth, you have to have germs involved.

Alfonso A
Have a cup of tea that is warm or what makes my better is drinking hot coco.

The old standby - get rest and plenty of liquids.

~*autumn*~future mrs.nick jonas~
try airborne


have a bath drink a lemsip and go to bed early

Mitch Z
stay warm and eat soup . even drink warm stuff hope it helps:)

drink plenty of water and get lots of rest good luck hope you feel better soon

Have lots of Vitamin C (oranges, clementines, Halls Vitamin C) and drink plenty of fluids.
Also wash your hands a lot.

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