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Is it a ganglion cyst?
Me - 16, female, healthy person
I have a lump on the back of my right hand/wrist which my mum says is a ganglion cyst.
It's about the size of a marble ... not painful unless pressure is applied .... not attatched to the skin.
If it is a ganglion do I need to see anyone...if its not what else could it be?
Thanks x

Outspoken but Honest
They are very common and will disappear as quick as they appeared

my 19 yr old daughter has same and its quite large we have consulted doc couple of times about it and first time they said leave it, second time when it was bit bigger they said if it bothered her they would remove it, however she didnt want to then but it s bothering her now so we are making an appt in the new year. old fashioned way was to bash it with a book but the doc said thats not recommended

I have one too in the same place! I did go to the doctors but she said unless it actually caused any pain it was pointless doing anything with it. She advised if it gets painful to go back and they will consider a minor op just to whip it out!

Hedge Witch
Yes - sounds like a ganglion.
In the old days they used to wallop it with a bible to sort it out (it only hurts for a little while!)
It will quite possibly go away on its own but your doctor can help if it is causing you any grief.

A ganglion is a lump which is filled with a jelly like substance, u cud go to ur gp who might refer u to a specialist to have it seen to. this normally involves a needle being stuck into the lump an the jelly stuff drawn out into a syringe

Go the the Doctors if its a cyst it he Will remove it for you.

I had one once, but mine got a little painful at times. I had for several months, but it ended up going away on it's own.

rock n roll chick
Do you have any joint pain especially to the jaw? If so it could be onset of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and sincerely hope that you don't. I wouldn't hit it until you know for sure what it is.

hitting your wrist with a book can cause damage....

if you just let it be it will pop on its own. i had one.

yes get it first checked out with the doctor before you bible bash yourself !!

Oh No Not Another Tie
I had one there. It went then came back again a year or so later, then went away for good. Should go away on its own in time

Go to the doctor and get it checked out if you're not sure though

If it is, i had one of these once in my wrist, i simply hit it a few times with a hard book, and it broke down, now its gone.

crystal c
Well it very well could be.I had one on the back of my wrist.
From repititive movement.Knitting,sports working with your
hand.Anyways I was going to have it surgically removed
and the doctor suggested I bang it like on the table to pop
the fluid in it.I thought he was nuts but he was an old war doctor.
who I don't see anymore,but I tried it I banged my wrist on
the table and popped the fluid.It literally shrunk way down
and I didn't need surgery anymore.

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