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 i almost broke my leg this morning playing rugby?
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 I Took Two 10mg Vicodin Pills & I feel A little Off Balanced?
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I have never took any Pain-killer...

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 What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

 if i don't smoke pot or pop pills for my physical pain, then what do you suppose i should do?
in '05 i was in a car accident and broke both femurs, lost a chunk of my thigh, broke both sides of my pelvic, shattered my right elbow, ruptured my spleen and liver...now at 21 i have arthritis ...

 Migraines. How do you overcome them?
I frequently suffer migraines and always thought caffeine made them worse. A short while ago I saw a TV doctor say caffeine helps them? I have a really bad head right now and wondered what people ...

Bilabong H
Im sooo scared! Do sixth grade shots hurt?! How many do I get?! Im sooo scared!?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I get my shots for 6t grade on Friday. Is there a way I can make it hurt less? What about afterwards? Is it sore? PLEASE HELP!

yes its going to hurt, and stop being a baby everyone gets them.

lol don't sweat it . im just as nervous about needles but guess what i had to get them for school just like everyone else. im a senior in high and im going for a check up today . they check everything :s i get the finger if you know what i mean . and i have to get two shots today but im not the least bit scared. i donated blood and ill tell you i will do it again . just don't think about it bring some gum to chew on to calm your nerves. blah have to go in an hour or so grr ima feel so violated lol i guess others have it worse huh?

best way to stop it hurting is to drop your arm by your side keep an opened hand and relax your arm, sing the lyrics to your favourite song (to your self, not outloud) it will be over in seconds and you'll wonder, why was i so scared ;)

Vernal H
if you can handle a mosquito bite you can handle the shots.

ohh please, get over it. srry to be mean but its true.

i noe there are many ppl who are afraid of shots. tips:

1. when the nurse or doctor is giving you the shot, dont look while they're doing it. look away or close your eyes.

2. take a person along with you, your sister/brother or friend, that way, it's harder to act like a chicken in front of them.

3. take your free hand and hold tight onto something, that will distract you from thinking about your shot.

honestly, shots aren't anything bad, they're meant to protect you. this moment can help you (e.g. the chicken pox) remember this while you're taking the shot.

hope i helped.

I havent been to thedoctors for shots in a couple years, so when I had to go get mine, ( 5 of them ) i was cryin and I was terrified. They make you lie down so you wont pass out. But, It just feels like a sharppencil poking you. Like u say Ow, then its over. Nothing. I laughed at myself right after cuz I thought it was gonna hurt like hell, but really its fine. And just make a fist and it helps a lot. And dont look at the needle. Not until after atleast. Hop this helps

no, if i remember correctly you only get one in the arm and its not painful, if your worried take some asprin before you go to help with any soreness you might have, but its over before you know it..

Best thing that I've ever bought off of ebay is stuff called EMLA cream. It numbs the skin and you don't feel needles. It wasn't expensive like 8.00. I've used it for getting blood drawn and haven't felt much of anything. I hear they are using it for tattoo's now too.

goody 2shoes
well i had my 6th grade shots 2 yrs ago and i was SOOO scared too but they arent that bad actually its just like a little pinch u will get in the arm and then youll get a shot in the wrist which omg i couldnt believe it was a shot it didnt hurt at all it was just like a bug bit forming before your eyes it was wierd and i dont remeber if it hurts afterward if it did it wasnt that bad

hey i just got my shots for a freshman in highschool. and i thought they were gonna kill i was sooooooo nervous before but whenthey did it i was like i almost cried for that! im deathly afraid of needles! so im telling you hold someones hand make the sqeeze themm squeeze yours while you theres, talk to the person your with, look away, dont make a muscle or tighten up that arm it will bruise the next day. and if it makes you feel any better all doctors use the same doctors on babies as they do on us, so its a baby needle. the worse part of the needle is before cuz your so worried! it will be over in a sec. relax your gonna be just fine promise!

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