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 ny head hurts... need a pill, do you know a good one?
and panadol, aspirin do not work with me
and i don't do weed of cocaine......

 I've been really stressed out lately..?
I've been really stressed out lately. Can stress make your jaw hurt?...

 eyes hurting with water!!!!!!!!
i wash my face twice a day, and i hav found that when i flush them with water, my eyes start to feel very painfull like needles stabbing in the corners. nothing seems to work for them, even eyedrops. ...

 HElp! my arm is weird!!?
My arm is suddenly weird.


it kinda shakes and it feels ticklish
I cannot grab stuff properly! It's Not numb.


 Can playing a flute damage your ears?
Im just wondering i've been playing my flute for 2 years now at my high ...

 sharp pain in stomach helpp!?
if i push on my stomach at all i get a weird pain like really sharp and it some how goes up to my chin and for some reason i've been bloated as well, any ideas as to what this is?...

 What's the best way to treat a sore wrist?
I play tennis a lot, and I've been playing a lot more than usual lately. Now, I have a sore write. What are some good ways to treat it? I've tried icing it, but it's still very sore. <...

 help!! i'm in horrible pain!! :(?
well today i was nailing some wood (long story) and i was bending down....when i got back up the left side of my lower back felt excruciating pain!! it hurts when i sit, stand up, walk....anything!! ...

 guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
I didn't mean to kill him, but he got on my ****...

 why does my back always hurt when i bend over?

 Why do legs ache after exercise?
I am 35 yr old female and have been exercising for the past 6 weeks, walking for an hour 4-5 times a week and also walking on treadmill for 20-30 minutes. But for the past few days my legs are aching ...

 how do i stop cutting myself?
i started cutting myself when i was 11 cuz i was extremely self- conscious about my weight. When i realized that cutting wasn't helping a lot, i started to be bulimic. Then i went back to ...

 Can marijuana help my migraines?
I've heard that studies support weed as a cure for migraine headaches, but I've also heard that weed can intensify the pain if it's the wrong strain. I've tried all sorts of ...

 I took 4 Vicodin, what can I expect?
I took 4 Vicodin 500's, when I only meant to take 3. I weigh 245lb. Not fat, muscle since I'm 6' tall.
Before you start hounding me about drug abuse, I have severe ...

 Pain meds?
i have to get my wisdom teeth out, and pain killers make me really sick to my stomach if i don't eat a full meal. obviously i wont be able to eat a big meal once i get them out so what is the ...

 neeeeeeeeed help!!!! HEADACHE!!!?
I have a headache, does anyone else!!!...

 What causes my migraines?
First of all I lose most of my eyesight
Second the headache comes
Third all of my face goes numb

I do spend allot of time on the computer and the wii and I was wondering if this ...

 Should i see my doctor?
During baseball practice a ball hit the bone on the side of my foot. My foot fells swollen but it doesnt look like it. I saw the bone it was bruised. I cant move my foot that much. So should i see my ...

 What's the best way to stop a migrane?
Or at least ease the pain?...

 Chest pain when breathing?
Whenever i breath i experience chest pain. I don't have trouble breathing just my chest hurts whenever i take a deep breath. I don't have asthma so i hope it isn't that.
I ...

If you swallow a chewable pill does it still have the same affect?
I got these pills because I am sick and they taste HORRIBLE so I swallow them but I don't seem to be getting better.

No there is no difference..chewable are for those that cannot swallow...

miss M.
it is supposed to be the same unless it is for your throat like a cough drop, because cough drops dissolve in your mouth and work with the saliva to numb your throat.

well if you don't like chewable pills, why don't you stop buying childrens medication and get some big-boy pills?

just take some motrin. you are too old for chewable pills anyways

YES. It still goes into your body doesnt it?!

Usually no, but chew-able pills are for people who can't swallow pills, get a regular pill so you don't taste the flavor

Ask for them in swallowable form.
It may not give the same healing effect if you swallow the chewable pill.

khaleel h
dont worry it will have the same effect

Yes the only reason the prescriber has you chew them is because they release faster. If your not getting better then I'd suggest going to the doctor and ask for better medicine.

they normally will take longer to absorb in the blood stream try crushing and taking them with honey or something sweet to hide the taste that is what we were told to do with my niece

Hope u fell better soon

i think it does have the same effect. there isnt any different from the both pills it thats the chewable pill is for the people that doesn't know how to swallow very well.

Chewables work faster. But, swallowing them should have the same effect after a moment.

They are "chewable." It doesn't say they MUST be chewed.

It does, in fact, have an effect. The onset may be a little more delayed to full strength of the pill due to the fact that chewing a pill increases the surface area exposed to digestive acid and enzymes to which it is exposed. Chewing provides more contact to the pill, thus allowing the digestive process (which chemically begins in your mouth) to have a more thorough effect. If you were to rub a little Vick's under your nose before you chew the pill, your semse of smell may become interrupted enough to reduce the taste of the pill.

Maria G
when you chew pills the effect start sooner then when you swallow them so you'll get the same effects just a little bit longer to feel them

Only delayed action.

BH's brother
Not always. Usually, if the directions say to chew them, then it is so that the medicine can be released and absorbed as fast as possible. If you just swallow them, they are released too slowly to help you.

if it says chewable then yes but others are time released and should not be chewed.

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