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 could this be a bladder infection?
i woke up this morning and i keep feeling like i have to pee and when i do it burns a little bit? is this possibly a bladder infection and if so what should i do about it? is there anyway of curing ...

 i have a very sharp pain in the bottom of my back,lots of reffered pain in my legs,especially my right one. ?
i cant bend down much like i used to. i'm only 15..i'm tall 5 " 10......... what is it? ive had it for months and its got worse in the past 2 weeks.


 How can I get relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
I am a personal trainer who works out alot. Lately I have developed what I believe is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When I touch my wrist I can feel a tingling all the way at the top of my index finger. I ...

 Is it a ganglion cyst?
Me - 16, female, healthy person
I have a lump on the back of my right hand/wrist which my mum says is a ganglion cyst.
It's about the size of a marble ... not painful unless pressure ...

 I feel very sleepy during work hours eventhough i had 8 hours sleep last night?
I feel very sleepy during work hours eventhough i had 8 hours sleep last night. I dont feel like not wake up from my bed. I hate to go to office on monday morning. Please somebody provide me a better ...

 I'm 14 , really bad headache my head hurts?
every now and then i get rly bad headache ,
hurt like it's a brainfreeze you get from drinking too fast and it stay instead of leaving.
i had 9 hr of sleep. been drinking lots of ...

 I've got a headache and had it for three days.?
It started in my neck and traveled up the left side. My ear hurts, my eyes hurt, and now one of my teeth hurt on that side. My gums are pale and there's yellow areas to them. Does anyone know ...

 Does the cartilage piercing hurt?
Right i know that apparently that after it will hurt loads for a while but I'm wondering whether it hurts when there piercing it? I want to know what to expect on Saturday :)...

 i have to go to the doc this thu?
i have to go to get a phycial and some shots!! i am really scard!! also what is a phycial like for an 11 year old girl!!...

 i have had really bad back pain?
wha do i do i was told pulled musle or piece of my cartlage come ...

 Whenever i stand up i go dizzy?
also i feel sick when i watch football and the camera pans around or bright ...

 My jaw keeps locking? please help!thanks!?
Hey everyone, i'm 13 years old, and i'm having troubles with my jaw..
if i'm laying down, sometimes when i open my mouth, my jaw locks for a second, and i have to open wider, ...

 how much would this hurt?
getting hit head on buy a train going 650 miles per hour landing into a mine ...

 Chiropractor messed up my neck, should I confront him?
Three years ago I began seeing a friend from high school that is a chiropractor, for my lower back problems. He began a treatment plan that involved my entire spine saying that no spine problems ...

 how do i get vicodin? or hydrocodone? ?
okay so i have really bad hips, i dont have health insurance at the moment. reg pain killers no longer work, im on my feet all day for work, is there another way i can maybe order online with out a ...

 What have you regretted recently?
I cancelled my appointment with the dentist on Thursday and now my tooth is really hurting! Now I won't be able to get another appointment for weeks! Boy, do I regret doung that!!! :(...

 WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY TONGUE?? it really hurts! please help?
I just ate a salad with vinigrette dressing and my tongue starting to sting and it became really sore. It felt as if i had a lemon in my mouth or i ate something really sour. Now my tast buds are ...

 what would happen if someone took 30mg of hydrocodone at once?
im not doing it, someone i know did it their first ...

 when i was young, my dad did somethings that weren't right...?
he raped me when I was 7... do i tell someone now even though I'm 16? or do i not say anything about it?...

 What r u doing right now?

If i am 5'5 do i round to 5 foot or 6 foot?
my friend swears if u r 5'5 u round up to 6 foot

Ilya N
5'5" is 5.417 feet, so you round down to 5. Not sure why you're rounding though.

I'd say 5 foot. You don't round up until you get to half, which in this case is 6 inches.

you are a tall 5 footer

You would round depending on what you're getting or what you need to round for.

If it's a one-size fits all uniform and they segment it into two sizes of anyone who's within 5 feet and another one that's over 6 feet, you would probably choose the 6 feet one since you would rather have clothes that are too big than too small.

If it's something that you would rather have be smaller than larger you would round down. An example would be a ring (although this wouldn't relate to your height, it's a fair example) since you would rather have it smaller than larger and have it fall off your finger.

In closing:
If you would like a general answer, your friend may be wrong - you would round down in the mathematical sense and that would be correct (since you are closer to the 5 feet). In real life its not so easy and you only round to things that best fit your needs.

ya dont "round" it either up or down.. 5'5 is 5'5 PERIOD!

half of a foot is 6 inches so you are CLOSER to 5 feet but people dont usually do that..they may say i am just shy of 5 1/2 feet tall or at 5'11" shy of 6 foot.. he is thinking decimals which is in tenths

todd s
to look better round up

there is no rounding here....if you are 5'5" then you are 5'5",,,never heard of rounding in a persons height, I think your friend is pulling your leg...and the laugh is on you...

You round to 5 foot 5 inches.

Inches are big. Don't round. Nobody rounds feet for their body measurement.

hot single mom
I'm sorry sweetie but regards to height, you don't round to anything but what your height is. If your wondering regards to mathematical terms, then you would not round up unless it were over 5'6" .

starting over
If you are 5' 11 1/2 - round to 6 feet.

If you are 5' 5" you say you are 5' 5"

Harley S
You should round down, Why are you rounding anyway, But since your measurement isn't even half of 6' then just stay with 5'5".

dances with unicorns
Why do you need to "round" at all?

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