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I think I've thrown my back out, any suggestions?
I can't go to the chiropractor (too expensive) and I've already been to the doctor once, is all he did was give me a bunch of RX meds, but I still have a lot of pain and cannot take those meds at work. I also cannot leave work or I will lose my job. I am in about an 8 out of 10 pain here and trying my hardest to hold back tears. I can bearly walk. Could this be something else like Kidney stones? I'm miserable and about to cry my pain is so severe. I went to the doctor saturday, so today is the 3rd day of this. PS- I have no clue how I injuried my back

why did you throw out a perfectly good back? and stay away from chiropraters its a psuedo science and they arent doctors

michael d
Okay, maybe it's just time to bite the bullet and pay for one secession with a chiropractor.

You better spend money and go to chiropractor or you can just suffer with back pain until you can no longer work, then everything is going to be expensive!

If u have no health insurance and your back just keeps on getting worst you should go to the ER room and have them check you out... If you are so close to tears you may have a problem....
Go to the ER let them check you out, they will definitely give you meds and hopefully will give you a shot to relieve the pain----
If you are low income and health insurance is not provided to you at a reasonable price in your job then apply for charity care or any other program the hospital has for needy individuals.

Try a heating pad wile you are laying down if this helps you probally have something to due with the back mussles just keep using the heating pad until the pain stops that is if it is back problems go to an orthapedic doctor he will probally order an mri of your lower back and spine to find the problem

Blunt Honesty
If you were doing some sort of physical activity when the pain started, it could be a back problem. Sometimes the muscle relaxers help to allow your back to relax and get back in to the proper position. Sometimes they don't. When they don't, physical therapy may also be necessary. Chiropractor is not good if you have actual back pain.

Rule # 1. If you feel you have been misdiagnosed, go back to the doctor, or get a second opinion.

Rule # 2. If you feel the diagnosis is correct, but treatment isn't. Demand a different treatment or get a second opinion.

Mark MacIver
Hello; Your back pain can be caused by a number of things... from a herniated disk, to degenerated discs/vertebrea, etc. The "injury" could have been caused by any number of movements, as your back muslces are knotted in attempting to keep your torso in balance... you moved the wrong way, not even necessarily carrying any weight... my father injured his back, reaching over to tuck the top sheet in, while making the bed! You did not mention what kind of physical condition you are in (athletic, overweight, etc.) so I'll add that the back muscles and stomach muscles work together, as a sort of pulley system, to keep your upper torso in check... if either the stomach or back muscles (or both!) becomes weak, due to lack of exersize or overeating (or both!) then the pulley system is thrown off balance, and the back usually is the side that has to make up for most of the work, keeping the upper torso the upper torso. I know the pain is excruciating, and it may feel like there's no way it can only be pulled muscles, but in most cases that's exactly what it is. If you've got health insurance from your job, go get yourself X-rays, or better still an MRI... (or both!) so it can be determined for sure if there's any skeletal damage... i'd put my money on not visible damage, as seen by the Xrays, (because Xrays don't show soft tissue damage), that's why I'd also get the MRI done.

Well, that's my take on your situation! Best of luck with it... and take care of your body now, when you get older (real older) you'll be glad you did!

You might be asking yourself; "How is it you are so wise in the ways of science?" Well, Like King Aurther said in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail...

Stretching is the best way to relax a tight muscle. Also, use ice to reduce swelling and ease pain. Use heat to increase circulation, flexibility, and also reduce pain. Either therapy should be applied in 15-20 minute intervals.
Try the hurdler's stretch, the hamstring stretch, the butterfly stretch, the hip rotator stretch, single and double knee-to-chest stretch, trunk rotation, back bends lying down on your stomach, and rolling up a towel and placing it under your lower back will help. Also, lay on your back, turn the towel 90 degrees so it's parallel to your spine and directly under your tailbone and bring your knees up so that your feet are flat on the floor. Try opening your knees more to spread apart your pelvis, relieving some of the tension.
How we sit, stand, lay down, and move in general all affects our bodies and especially our backs. Some of the muscles in our lower backs are very small, but when hurt they can cause serious pain. In addition to stretching, a massage can be very helpful.

Scooter Girl
If your pain is that severe you need to get to an emergency room. At least that way you medical insurance should cover it. Also, tell your boss that you are not being effective in your job right now because you are in so much pain, I'm sure he/she will understand and maybe respect you a little more for being concerned with your job performance. If you don't know how you threw your back out it might be something else, and kidney stones could be one answer. GO NOW, GET OFF THE COMPUTER, TAKE YOUR RXs WITH YOU SO THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TAKING NOW OR HAVE TAKEN TODAY!!!

i have days when i fell like i can't get out of bed, let alone go to work, but i know how you feel..

i usually take a hot shower and try to strech while the water is hitting the my back. try to take a hot bath as soon as you get home so you can soak for a while. and if possible, get someone to give you a massage.

ibuprofen and tylenol are pain relievers so you can alternate those to try to control the pain while you are at work, but hold on to the RX's in case the pain won't let you sleep at night. if you plan on taking it, try to come home take your bath THEN take the meds, you don't want to fall asleep in the tub, the water might get cold among other things.

it should get better in a couple of days, but if you get absolutely no relief...go to another doc.

Take a hot bath for about an hour, and then have someone give you a thourough massage!!!!

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