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I hurt my leg . What should I do?
I think it was cause I might of pulled something because I hadn't danced all summer. Should I put heat on it ? Should I be walkin it out or letting it rest

Andreas S
A stretch maybe? wait a couple hours, if it doesn tgo away see a doctor

joo should apply warm poo to soothe.
make sure u drink lots of milk and poop


Go see a doctor or somethin

easy 2 points for you here- http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvUNQyAuE_9ESth5Z_lWctTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090812154356AAMaUBg

Use ice.

Otherwise go to the doctor.

Use ice
don't use heat untill you know it's not a sprain.
Heat can Mess up you leg up even more.
Don't dance on it until you can walk on it with out too much pain.

Crispino Greco
In my opinion, heat is because of all summer

Douglas B
What part of your leg, front, back side, top bottom, can't help you if you don't put the information out there.

Bard Teacher
Ignore them. They need to grow up. Whenever you have an injury, the first step is to ice it. Keep the ice on for fifteen minutes at a time. Don't apply heat for another day or two. Ice for the first two days. Feel better.

♥ ιcн ℓieвe dιcн bιℓℓ kaυℓιтz ♥
Put ice on it, if it hurts.
Don't take lots of tylenol, it can ruin your liver.
Stay off of it, if you don't it can slow down the healing process and damage it even more.
Oh and this is assuming that you went to the doctor, if you didn't, I suggest that you do. You might not have just pulled something, it could be something more serious.

only you know when you shall go to a doctor, so for right now walk it off

Maybe you pulled a muscle from dancing or you just strained something. Put ice on it and then take a warm bath.

Pearl L
i have a heated brace i use on my knee but theyre expensive, ask your doctor what to do.

It'll be sore for at least the next few days. Same thing happened with me.

!ToeNee's yawhoo Ansersz.!
Why would you ask this question ****** GO TO THE DOCTOR!
omg people this days.

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