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I have pains in my knee. I am 13 years old in 8th grade. What do you think the main purpose of knee pains are?

lol funniest question ever, why would anyone ever word a question in such a way?

the purpose of knee pains? lol

uh sorry uh, maybe its because there is something wrong with your knee!

The main purpose of knee pains is to let you know you are putting to much stress on them.

Well, if you are a little overweight, it may be because of your weight. Or, if you play lots of sports, it could be strain on the knee. You need to provide more information about the pain.

x . . Lauren
It could be growing pains, weight, sports injury... There are all kinds of possibilities.

Ask your doctor if you are unsure

It depends on what you do. Are you in sports?
There are several tendens that run over the knee... look up some stretches on-line that help with knee pain. I guess you should go to the doctor... he might x-ray it and if nothing is broken he will tell you to stretch.

Hayley B
Growing pains or lack of salt which can bring on cramp in joints

Krista W
either that you are exercising a lot and your body is not used to it or it can be growing pains because my sister used to get them badly.

Amber Rose
It could be a form of Arthritis. My friend's younger sister had this when she was in 7th grade. She didn't think much of it then her knee started swelling so she went to the doctor. The doctor said it was a form of Arthritis. You probably don't have this but it is possible.

ha- im your age too.
and I have knee and leg and elbow pains.
BUT back to your knees.
the reason why I have mine are because im growing.
durrr. the pains are just ordinary and called Growing Pains.
that is it. im on a prescription from the doctor for them.
because the pain was so bad i would vomit and such.

ahah well i hope you get better.
try massaging them.

the main purpose of Knee pains is to let you know your knees are hurting.

it could be growing pains.. or your putting to much strain on them by excersise (:

think about what you do alot.. involving your knees (:

cept walking :L


Kaleb T
Depends if you lifted something heavy or lifted something heavy. I am 18 and i have a problem with my left when i turn it to fast the knee pops out of joint.I would try like athlete sports cream or hearing pad. if that doesn't work i would go to a doctor cause having knee pains at 13 is a bad sign a knee problems in the future.

Biz 8
well, it could be for a number of reasons. You could be having some health risks. Or it could just be a result of you being 13 and your body changing. those are called growing pains.

if it really is insufferable, go see a doctor.

could be growing pains ,but do go and see doc to be sure

Megan W
idk maybe u shud take a pill or something but im a 13 year old grl in the 8th grade 2 ;) <3

Blue Haired Old Lady
Could be growth pains. Growth occurs at the ends of your bones, so it can make the joints hurt. 13 is an age when you can get a lot of growth.

NL Concorde
could just be growing pains at that age, if in doubt go see the quack they should be able to help.

Without any question at all, these are typical growing pains. This is a time when the human pituitary gland is releasing growth hormone and then it is being converted into IGF-1; thus causing growth. It mainly happens in the evening or at night but there are exceptions to the rule. There is no concern here so don't worry and be happy that you are hitting growth spurts. You can ask your mom or dad for a Ibuprophen or Tylenol when it takes place and the pain will subside in about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. Good luck and I hope that this helps.

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