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I have a really bad ear infection, how much Tylenol is too much?
I have this really bad ear infection. The ear hurts with throbbing pain as well as throbbing pain in the areas of my face near the ear. I took 2 tylenols at 2 a.m, then 2 at 9 am, and 3 at 1 pm. I want to take some more tonight so I can sleep better, but im not sure if its too much. Also, the medicine only works for like 2 hours, should I get something stronger like Codeine or something?

Read the bottle, also you will need a prescription for codeine, advil works great if you can't get a scrip for something stronger.

Sa I
read the cover

That may be a bit too much, i took too many benadryls, and claritins, and i passed out.... it was crazy

If you want something that will help better then try holding your ear over steam, either a running tap on hot or boil some water and put it in a bowl. It's either that or you can pour some peroxide in it and clean it that way. If you insist on the tylonel wait till about a half an hour before bed time.

I'd never take more tylenol than is recommended on the product label. Too much can be toxic. I've not found tylenol to be an effective pain reliever. Ask your doctor about prescribing another medication for pain and/or taking over the counter pain medications in conjunction with tylenol.

I used to suffer from ear infections all the time. Im not sure how much is to much...
but here is a trick i used to do=
take an onion and put it in microwave until it it is warm, then wrap it in a towel and hold it to your ear. if it is to hot let it sit for a little bit.
hope this helps!!

Well, Im 14, though most think im 17.
I am 6 ft tall and 160 pounds.
The doc said I could take 2 advil and 2 tylenol
at once.
You may want to scale back though since you are smaller than me.
But the two meds work in different ways so it safe to take them together. (I THINK)


It should say on the bottle. "do not exceed #_ of pills with in _ hour period"

Don't take more than recommended dose of tylenol. It can damage your liver. I had a what I thought really bad ear infection that turned out to be pneumonia a few years back. You should have it checked by a doctor, it can cause you to lose hearing if not treated properly, so I have heard.

Nadia, did you tell your mom about your ear hurting you? If not, be sure to do so because you need to go to the doctor and get a prescription for an antibiotic in order to get rid of the ear infection. Once the antibiotic starts clearing up the infection, the pain and throbbing should lessen and eventually go away.

A few years back I had the same problem. I went to the doctor and they gave me an antibiotic and codeine. It would knock me out. Tylenol won't cut it. That's one of the worst pains, I don't know how you're handling it, but if I were you I'd go to the doctor. Good Luck

It's good you are being careful about taking meds. Follow directions exactly as they are stated on the bottle of Tylenol.

Tylenol helps take away some of the pain, but it won't cure the infection. Only antibiotics will do that. See a doctor ASAP. Ask the doctor what you should do for pain.

acutally i think you should go to the doctor so they can give you antibiotics. I am sure you don't want to lose your hearing.

Tylenol does not cure the infection it only eases the pain temporarily.

Take required doses and if nothing gets better than see your doctor immediately.

Did you see a doctor to know what's going on? And did he make recommendations for medication?

That said.... Take tylenol every four hours, by the dosage the bottle says, and then take Motrin 2 hours later, on the dosage the bottle says. They work differently and do not interact for most people, and this can help when the pain is too great, but do try to stiff it out as much as possible, cause pain meds work less effectively the more you take them. (I have pretty bad arthritis and get by on 4 100mg asprin on days that are worse, just because I take them very rarely, and it works great.)

THEN!!!! get to a doctor and have him determine if it's a bacterial or viral infection, and get the right medication to clear it up.

Reading Goddess
If you are already on codeine i don't think you can take more tylenol.

Easy on the Tylenol. You really need to see a Dr. If you can't see one right away, you can take Aspirin half-way between the Tylenol times (so you always have some relief). Also, warm up some olive oil and have someone use a dropper to put a 4 to 6 drops in your ears... it can work wonders.

Hope you feel better soon.

Ask a doctor, who's really going to know your body's mass proportion and probablity of reaction to each pill you take???

Btw, I wouldn't take so much like you're doing right now.

dane a
do not take more than 6 in 24 hours.

top nurse
never take more than 4000milligrams (mg) per day. it will kill your liver. try some ibuprofen instead, it will help with the inflammation in your ear as well as reduce the pain are you on any antibiotics? if so your pain should diminish greatly in about 24-48 hours after starting the antibiotics

too much you do have you should see an ear doctor i've seen one before amazing they have docs for ears

Yurok Warrior
first you should get some antibiotics from the dr. then you ask him what you should do for pain.

Better yet, see a doctor and get an antibiotic.

you need antibiotics.

dont take more than 500 mg ever 6 hours, unless your doctor tells you to take more, it could really irriate your liver!

btw- if you decide to go w/ an NSAID like motrin, do NOT take more than it says on the back of the bottle/container. tylenol will hurt your liver, motrin (advil, ibprof, etc) will hurt your stomach.

Tylenol is just about the most useless medication on earth... you would need an anti-inflammatory like Motrin, ibuprofen, aspirin.. and some antibiotics..

Anna J
you need to go to the doctor and get ANTIBIOTICS!!!!!!! ear infections are INFECTIONS...... see a doc!

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